PHOTOS: Fan brings Santa pyjamas to Rome instead of Liverpool shirt

Wears them to the Stadio Olimpico all the same.

This is Santa Claus, not a Liverpool fan
(Image: Rjcastillo)

Thought I’d packed me retro Adidas LFC top for Rome. Turns out I’d packed the fucking PJ top me ma got me for Christmas. Imagine opening this in departures. #lfc #wounded pic.twitter.com/zPypqM9cog

— Steven Thompson (@stuffstesays) May 1, 2018

Liverpool fan Steven Thompson thought he’d packed a retro Reds top for his trip to Rome, only to discover later that he’d accidentally brought the Santa pyjamas his mum got him for Christmas.

It begins guys pic.twitter.com/NHLzx3nV2L

— Steven Thompson (@stuffstesays) May 2, 2018

Nevertheless, he went ahead and wore the pyjamas to the Stadio Olimpico, where he saw Liverpool edge into the Champions League final following a 4-2 semi-final second leg defeat to Roma.

Here ya go twitter ya bastards pic.twitter.com/gZ3eMUIedm

— Steven Thompson (@stuffstesays) May 2, 2018

He joked that he would charter a sleigh for the final against Real Madrid in Kiev, but there was no mention of red-nosed reindeer.

Chartering a sleigh for the final here guys

— Steven Thompson (@stuffstesays) May 2, 2018