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Stories23.02.17 04:34

VIDEO: Player unties opponent’s laces during Paraguayan cup game

36-year-old veteran Julio Irrazábal takes advantage of distracted free-kick taker.

Stories22.02.17 15:59

VIDEO: Fan gets Kevin De Bruyne’s shirt then is chased by steward

Man City midfielder grins as he turns to witness pursuit.

Stories21.02.17 10:21

VIDEO: Manager sent off for tackling opposition player in Mexican match

Chain-smoker Ricardo La Volpe trips Jesús Sánchez during Chivas v Club América.

Stories20.02.17 08:13

VIDEO: Vietnamese team stand still after controversial penalty decision

Long An refuse to play and let opponents score in protest.

Stories14.02.17 02:22

TWEETS: Fan complains to club about Reading playing on Valentine’s Day

Views did not appear to be shared by the large majority of respondents.

Stories13.02.17 11:30

VIDEO: Burnley fan saves baby from ball during Chelsea match

Outstretched, gloved hand avoids serious injury to the child.

Stories13.02.17 11:25

VIDEO: Unsporting Ajax defender tricks opponent into pausing for injury

Runs past player when they look the other way.

Stories09.02.17 17:02

VIDEO: Martin Tyler commentary on Wilfred Ndidi goal for Leicester against Derby

Recent £17m signing put hosts ahead in FA Cup 4th round replay.