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Stories09.04.17 23:50

VIDEO: Spurs fan makes funny face to camera during 4-0 win over Watford

Amuses himself and others with old-fashioned comical expression.

Stories08.04.17 23:58

VIDEO: Sheep on pitch in Welsh league game

Stereotypical interruption at the picturesque Ffordd Padarn.

Stories07.04.17 11:59

VIDEO: Exeter fan eats horse manure to win £40 bet

Proceeds to retch violently in front of horrified onlookers.

Stories07.04.17 11:24

VIDEO: Fan hit by horse at FC Twente v PSV Eindhoven

Violent scenes mar Eredivisie clash after police investigate fans for drug-trafficking.

Stories06.04.17 09:42

VIDEO: Swearing supporter interviewed on West Ham Fan TV after 3-0 defeat at Arsenal

Uses a lot of bad language to describe his disgruntlement.

Stories05.04.17 10:44

VIDEO: Charlie Adam slips taking corner as Stoke visit Burnley

Stoke midfielder looks a right Charlie.