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Stories04.04.17 03:23

VIDEO: Real Sociedad mascot needs to pee ahead of Leganés clash

Tries to hold himself together and get in the spirit of things.

Stories04.04.17 02:37

VIDEO: YouTuber’s blindfolded penalty miss

Huge, comedy air shot.

Stories03.04.17 08:11

VIDEO: Player nabs goal when teammate stops ball on the line in Brazil

Momentary pause allows Tupi's Flávio Caça-Rato to poke home.

Stories30.03.17 12:11

VIDEO: American journalist asks Bastian Schweinsteiger if Chicago can win the World Cup

Oblivious reporter confuses German midfielder by asking question TWICE.

Stories30.03.17 11:40

VIDEO: Portugal Women Under-17 goalkeeper scores own goal with face

Comical moment puts Portuguese 5-0 down to Spain after just 39 minutes.