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Stories14.04.17 09:58

VIDEO: Lady in Liverpool shirt raps Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Institutional tune brought to English football.

Stories13.04.17 11:08

VIDEO: Boy hits mum with ball as she videos park kickabout

Parent with mobile phone taken out by volley.

Stories13.04.17 09:22

VIDEO: Overhead camera almost connects with Atlético Madrid cross as they host Leicester

1-0 scoreline nearly embellished by remotely-controlled device.

Stories13.04.17 04:14

VIDEO: Bermudan child hits photographer in groin with football

Grinning child wearing sunglasses strikes from point-blank range.

Stories12.04.17 14:12

VIDEO: Arjen Robben can’t take off his shirt after Bayern Munich 4-1 Dortmund

He doesn't seem to see the funny side either.

Stories12.04.17 12:26

VIDEO: Manager winds up opposition fans in Spanish Segunda División B match

Flurry of hand gestures inflame tensions at Ourense v Bande.

Stories12.04.17 11:25

VIDEO: Arsenal’s Mesut Özil passes to substitute during Crystal Palace defeat

German mistakes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for a team-mate on the pitch.

Stories12.04.17 10:54

VIDEO: Dog looks for ball after watching Arsenal corner on TV

Cute pooch confused by Özil's kick.

Stories10.04.17 05:45

VIDEO: Sheffield United fan carries corner flag aloft in promotion pitch invasion at Northampton

Red flag flying high for League One leaders after away win.