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Stories30.12.16 10:22

VIDEO: Player uses witchcraft before scoring in Rwandan clash

Appears to lean small object against opposition goalpost.

Stories29.12.16 17:41

VIDEO: Woman abuses Crawley players beside pitch at Leyton Orient

Rude hand gestures at Brisbane Road on Boxing Day.

Stories23.12.16 20:59

VIDEO: Boy lights flare in bedroom

Billows red smoke.

Stories22.12.16 15:04

VIDEO: Thiago Alcântara pass to Santa Claus on advertising hoardings

Festive man almost receives ball at the Allianz Arena.

Stories21.12.16 08:14

VIDEO: David Luiz does a card trick

In front of amazed teammates Diego Costa and Eden Hazard.

Stories15.12.16 04:20

VIDEO: Pitch invader tackles Gabriel Jesus in Brazilian charity match

Brutally scythed down as he approached the opposition penalty area.

Stories14.12.16 03:00

VIDEO: Amateur team play trick on referee checking boots

Endless pre-match practical joke.

Stories12.12.16 07:09

PHOTO: Fan’s birthday ruined when photo with Liverpool team goes wrong

Everyone's heads were cut off except her smiling husband's.

Stories09.12.16 03:17

VIDEO: Child reviews chicken shop on White Hart Lane

"The Hotspurs aren't the only mediocre disappointment in Tottenham."

Stories08.12.16 03:36

VIDEO: Borussia Dortmund fan breaks record for world’s longest shout

Shouted the German word for goal for 43.56 seconds.