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Stories17.03.17 11:24

VIDEO: Roberto Mancini dances tango on Italy’s Dancing with the Stars

Former Man City manager's moves accompanied by reworked version of "Roxanne".

Stories17.03.17 10:51

VIDEO: Trabzonspor fan cleans seats as punishment for standing on one during a game

Tasked with scrubbing all ten thousand seats in Turkish side's new stadium.

Stories16.03.17 22:48

VIDEO: Marcos Rojo eats a banana during Man Utd v Rostov

Scoffs fruit mid-match as Mourinho bids to boost his blood sugar levels.

Stories16.03.17 12:03

VIDEO: Birmingham City supporters convince fan he needs passport for Cardiff

Coax him into flashing it to camera on car journey to match.

Stories14.03.17 19:31

VIDEO: Moisander follows Chicharito off the pitch while marking him

Werder Bremen defender continues to man-mark Leverkusen striker even after he's subbed.

Stories14.03.17 01:06

VIDEO: Assistant referee hits player with flag during Bundesliga 2 clash

Linesman inadvertently inflicts pain on Stuttgart's Jean Zimmer.

Stories13.03.17 23:09

VIDEO: Prank handshake with Per Mertesacker at the Emirates angers Arsenal defender

Veteran defender doles out a series of dirty looks.

Stories12.03.17 23:54

VIDEO: Celtic ballgirl swears at Clint Hill as he scores late equaliser for Rangers

38-year-old's 87th minute goal greeted with disdain.

Stories11.03.17 23:58

VIDEO: Hearts fan falls over advertising hoardings during home game against Hamilton

Attempt to retrieve ball ends in slow tumble at Tynecastle.