Odemwingie Twitter rant: want-away star hits out at West Brom in series of tweets

By Jonny Abrams

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Peter Odemwingie
Odemwingie… Erudite (Img: Barocci)

Peter Odemwingie’s bizarre attempt to initiate a move from West Bromwich Albion to Queens Park Ragners was the cause of much mirth on transfer deadline day, and the Nigerian forward refuses to let it go. Taking to Twitter yesterday, Odemwingie posted a series of tweets in which he slammed West Brom’s decision to bench him in recent weeks, as well as seemingly hinting at one or two other bones of contention in what was quite the stream of consciousness.

Most of the tweets have since been deleted, so here for your delectation is what Football Burp managed to salvage of the Odemwingie Twitter rant that’s sweeping the nation:

Odemwingie Twitter

Keeping me on the bench now is worst than what they did on the 31st. New advisers told me to take say its all my fault cos its better or me

— Peter Odemwingie (@OdemwingieP) March 17, 2013

Former Albion sporting director in the presence of the new and Manager apologised to me in private. Publicly not good ? Come under my cloud

— Peter Odemwingie (@OdemwingieP) March 17, 2013

Odemwingie Twitter

Things have almost got back to normal till Peter spoilt it again. What’s normal? We see things differently obviously.

Has anyone seen me give interview to clubs website for a year now ? What about an interview in match day magazine? I am on my own there.

Was ready to give half of the contract there and earn less to make it happen. Forcing a move really is when u want to leave 4 free.

Odemwingie Twitter

Odemwingie Twitter

Odemwingie Twitter

Odemwingie Twitter

Odemwingie Twitter

Odemwingie Twitter

The sad truth. One of them drove off that night after rejecting ad invite for a meal. The one that said we r expected twitter.com/OdemwingieP/st…

— Peter Odemwingie (@OdemwingieP) March 18, 2013

West Brom fans from Baggies Banter were keeping a keen eye on proceedings, with wordsleybaggies trying to consider the situation from Odemwingie’s side…

Firstly I’d like to say Odemwingie is being a bit of a tit by tweeting like this but there are two sides to every story.

In my opinion Peace shafted him by agreeing to sell him for £3.5 million to QPR,that’s why he went down there to have a medical and sign on deadline day…He could have waited round the corner though!

Then Peace tried to get Hoillet on loan to replace Odemwingnuts for the rest of the season and had the cheek to ask QPR to pay his wages(The QPR Chairman was quoted as saying this happened)…QPR quite rightly told Peace to get stuffed,the deal collapsed and Pete was made to look a fool.

He is now quite rightly brassed off with our club for denying him a massive contract to see out his career.
Yes he’s acting like a brat but I don’t blame him to be honest.
He should be in the side,he’s a good player and is obviously frustrated at warming the bench.
If our club had any sense they’d see his market value is plummeting for when we try and sell him in the Summer and few clubs will pay the £40,000 a week he’s on at the moment.
He could sit it out for another 12 months if no offers come in.
It’s all greedy Peace’s fault!

BaldricksCunningPlan, however, had this to say…

Words, To be fair to JP. It wasn’t him that pulled the plug on the deal. It was the QPR chairman.
Yes Peace was asking for a lot with a transfer fee and one of their players on loan but i dont blame him. QPR tapped up Odemwingie and turned his head with a big money offer.
Typical ****ney Arry trick.
If they wanted our player. Then they had to pay our price.
QPR chairman was up for it to start with but then had second thoughts whilst Odem was making his way to Loftus road. I think its pretty clear that Odem was told a deal was on the cards and thats why he made the journey.
In time, the full story will come out but i’ll put money on it that Odem isn’t the only one to blame for that fiasco and he is clearly angry that he’s been advised to take the rap for it.

Meanwhile, Baggiebirdd chipped in with…

Peter odemwingie has shown the club, fans and his fellow teammates no respect. Everyone has to earn the right to play. Before yesterday’s game we had won 3 out of 4. Why would SC start him after the January saga. I am sure that if Pete had been really at it in training he would have started yesterday. It is obvious that there is a great spirit across the rest of the team and squad, during yesterday’s game everyon of them worked there docks off for each other despite the normal Stoke bullying tactics. As for blaming peace for not letting Pete go then let’s all go back to January when QPR tried there best to unsettle Pete and Jonas with no regard to our club. I am sure that did not help us during that period with Jonas struggling fo a few weeks. Now back to his best. What peace did on the 31st was to try and get the best possible deal as he always does, QPR were the ones that were desperate, they were the ones who messed us about and they will get there just deserts. Peace has turned this club around like no other individual, where we have come from, we are so well run and have a team to be proud of. Pete has made his choice in a completely unprofessional manner and it is he who will miss out on the part of our club’s improvement. Bye bye

Should Steve Clarke relent and play Peter Odemwingie from the start, or should this latest rant be the end of Odemwingie at the Hawthorns? Have your say in the comments section below…