Hungarians blocked from Notts County Facebook page

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Hungarians blocked from Notts County Facebook page after their signing of Bálint Bajner
No Bajner, No Party! Notts County’s Facebook page

Users from Hungary have been blocked from the Notts County Facebook page after it was besieged by fans posting comments about Hungarian forward Bálint Bajner in reply to each post by the club.

BBC News report:

Notts County said the posts were taken in fun but had now had to take “drastic” action to control them.

Jamie Dixon, head of media, said the club’s Facebook page had had an “unprecedented” amount of traffic on Tuesday, with 1,700 new likes in two days.

Dixon said:

Anything we posted got a good number of Bálint Bajner posts within a few minutes and it just grew and grew.

It was all taken in good fun but then we did have to appreciate that it was blurring the waters for everyone else on the page.

We had to take the rather drastic step of blocking Hungary.

Hopefully, [it is] just a temporary measure. We have set up a Hungarian Magpies page, which is proving quite popular so hopefully that’ll take some of the traffic away.

Their communications team reportedly tried to control the incoming traffic to the Notts County Facebook page by blocking certain keywords, but with limited success.

So all messages from Hungary have now been blocked.

Bajner is said to have the incident in good humour.

Fellow Football League team Ipswich Town suffered a similar fate last August when the club made the mistake of dropping the player, an act that led to “No Bajner, no party!” comments flooding their Facebook page.