Ex-Sunderland Noble brands Black Cats a “sh*t club with sh*t fans” and calls supporter “mong”

Former Sunderland player Liam Noble looking very happy during a Carlisle away day
Liam Noble in happier times (Image: Twitter/Paddy Madden)

Carlisle United striker Liam Noble has been forced to remove his Twitter account by the club after going on a disability-bashing, hate-filled tirade against Sunderland on the social networking site.

The 20-year-old player from Cramlington is facing a disciplinary hearing at his current club after seemingly contravening their Customer Charter:

“Carlisle United Football Club is committed to the principle that all employees treat each other, customers, spectators, players, officials with respect and courtesy, irrespective of race, colour, religion or gender and strictly adheres to the Football League’s anti-discrimination policy.”

The offending tweet appeared to be instigated by a certain Sunderland fan on the wind-up:

Following various exchanges with Sunderland fans, Noble was prompted to tweet:

“Not bitter at all about leaving Sunderland! Sh*t club sh*t fans! Hope to see you’s soon. Maybe give us a derby next year. Haha.”

… Rossiter is sceptical about the possibility of this arrangement:

… and Noble can’t help but respond in kind:

Liam Noble's offending "mong" tweet
Mong... Offensive (Image: Twitter/Liam Noble)

Players and staff from both clubs, past and present, also chimed in:

Noble’s “mong” tweet caused serious offence and the Ready To Go Sunderland Message Board took matters into their own hands. One user wrote to the Carlisle United media department (well, media man – who is supposedly also the kit man):

To whom it may concern,

As I suspect you may already know, one of your fringe players (Liam Noble) has been simultaneously abusing Sunderland fans and the club via his official twitter account.

This may seem like good banter but I feel gravely offended that he called someone a ‘mong’. He has used an utterly disgusting word which offends me deeply as I have members of my family who suffer from terrible disabilities and it is not a term that should be used loosely.

I hope that appropriate action will be taken against the player and I will look forward to any response from Carlisle United.

A quick reply was posted:

The club is carrying out an investigation as we speak.

Kind regards,


It was also suggested that the News & Star, a local newspaper that reports on Carlisle United matters, should be contacted too. The newspaper appeared to be most interested as journalist, and reported Sunderland fan, Amanda Little replied:


Thank you for taking the trouble to send this to us.
One of my colleagues, Jon Colman, is looking into the matter.

Regards Amanda Little

Sure enough, an article by popped up on the paper’s website – written by a Phil Coleman.

The final character in this drama was played by Noble’s partner, Zoie McCloskey, who referred to the Sunderland fans attacking her man as “sad sufc support”:

… she then went on the rampage:

The row set off a bit of a Wikipedia fight between fans of Sunderland and Newcastle before Liam Noble’s Wikipedia page was, perhaps sensibly, blocked. Check out our animation of how it unfolded below:

Carlisle player Liam Noble's Wikipedia page being defaced
Noble... Defaced (Image: Wikipedia)

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