Alledged squatters thankful Barton is “trying to give up violence”

Joey Barton as a charitable man
Barton... Charitable (Image: knokka from alnwick)

Twitter enthusiast and Queens Park Rangers midfielder Joey Barton vented his anger online as a gang of unruly squatters allegedly broke into his family home and set up camp, before promptly changing the locks.

The London house is currently being renovated for partner Georgia McNeil, son Cassius and the Bartonator but it seems that there may have been some unwanted “heroin riddled” guests.

Big Issue writer Barton wished the alleged addicts well on their way to recovery though, hoping that they were “f*cking fast runners”, noting they were “#jammybastards” and momentarily wondering if he should treat them to some animal companionship.

See how the story unfolded below:

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