VIDEO: Naked England fan in stands at Germany friendly

"That is a hero right there," heard on tape.


VIDEO: England fan dives into canal in Dortmund

Big splash in the Dortmund–Ems.

Stories23.03.17 13:41

PHOTO: Ballymena ball boy sent off for excessive celebration

Escorted away by stewards after jubilant scenes in front of Coleraine coach William 'Winkie' Murphy.

Stories22.03.17 14:27

VIDEO: Running child repeatedly evades capture to hug Álvaro Morata

Gets to embrace idol after slaloming through security across pitch.

Stories21.03.17 07:29

VIDEO: Arsenal fan sings Wenger Out song to tune of Will Young’s Leave Right Now

YouTuber uses 2003 hit single as a stick to beat the Frenchman with.

Stories20.03.17 07:56

VIDEO: Leeds fan pushes Brighton player who runs into crowd

Says he was protecting friend in wheelchair.

Stories20.03.17 05:00

VIDEO: Preston fans sing about doing crossword on train and getting a pen for it

Puzzle lovers on their way back from Blackburn.