Staff Writers

Tom Joseph writes for Football Burp

Tom Joseph

Tom is a lower league football evangelist and has a collection of (football) shirts from all over the world.

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Jonny Abrams writes for Football Burp

Jonny Abrams

Long-time fan of football's quirks, Jonny was a staff writer at and has had articles published by FourFourTwo, amongst others.

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David Grimble writes for Football Burp

David Grimble


Jacob Brown writes for Football Burp

Jacob Brown

Sports writer Jacob is a huge Liverpool fan. "Is it our year?"

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Jamie Hughes writes for Football Burp

Jamie Hughes

Jamie is a freelance writer alongside far too many other things. A Man Utd fan who still refers to the League Cup as the Rumbelows Cup.

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Thomas Macaulay writes for Football Burp

Thomas Macaulay

Tom is a freelance journalist from north London currently living in self-enforced exile in sunny Barcelona.

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David Talisman writes for Football Burp

David Talisman

A season ticket holder at White Hart Lane, David is a concerned Spurs fan.

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Umarah Naz writes for Football Burp

Umarah Naz

Umarah is a passionate and opinionated Liverpool fan who loves to write and tweet about sport.

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Jamie Steiner writes for Football Burp

Jamie Steiner

Jamie is a devoted Leeds United supporter who watches a lot of television and writes about it for

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Bharat Azad writes for Football Burp

Bharat Azad

Premier League fan and freelance journalist, Bharat writes for Bold Youth and and has also had music, film, literature and popular culture articles published by The Guardian.

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Kier Wiater Carnihan writes for Football Burp

Kier Wiater Carnihan

Fantasy football expert, Kier is a music journalist who writes for PlayGround Magazine and The Stool Pigeon, he is also editor of The Monitors.

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Rob Parker writes for Football Burp

Rob Parker

Institutional Blackburn Rovers fan Rob runs the forum.