Sheffield Wednesday fans assess Barkley loan spell

Opinion » Sheffield Wednesday fans assess Barkley loan spell

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Ross Barkley
Barkley… To be banked upon (Img: @RBarkley20)

Everton have recalled Ross Barkley from his loan spell at Sheffield Wednesday after 4 goals in 13 games for the Championship strugglers, so Football Burp hotfooted it down to the Owls Talk and Owls Online forums to see what the Hillsborough faithful had to say about the young midfielder’s contributions…

Dagmeister, Owls Talk…

Could be a real star of the future.

Karl, Owls Talk…

Star in the making.

The only way is S6, Owls Online…

I made no secret that I did not see what benefit it was doing us from the start, the kid will undoubtedly go on to play for England at some time or other, but you cannot say the team has benefited from this loan, shirley?.

bluezer, Owls Talk…

One to keep an eye out for in the future. Hope the lad goes on to fulfill his obvious potential.

WadsleyOwl, Owls Talk…

Thank fook for that

A good prospect but not what was required at the time

Good luck Ross

Baresi, Owls Online…

Will be a good player One day in the Prem, but we need a physically stronger and more experienced midfielder that can offer a lot more defensively as well. Not asking for much!

senwar, Owls Talk…

Don’t know how you can say that mate.

Save the last two games he’s been excellent IMO. He’s also our leading league scorer.

Will be a big loss but hopefully Lines will come in and the shape will change a bit.

Good luck to the lad. A big future ahead.

WayneTheOwl, Owls Talk…

Don’t know how you can say that mate.

Save the last two games he’s been excellent IMO. He’s also our leading league scorer.

Will be a big loss but hopefully Lines will come in and the shape will change a bit.

Good luck to the lad. A big future ahead.

faktor, Owls Talk…

Has a lot to add to his game but he is the time on his hands to do it IF he wants to put the effort in.

I’d say at the moment he doesn’t look England quality and considering the shite we have playing for us , that shows he has a long way to go.

king mong, Owls Online…

I’d love to have seen Barkley in a confident and vibrant Wednesday team. Good luck to the lad, clearly got ability and talent but needs to learn there are two sides to being a midfield player.

I’m fully expecting a loan signing this week now.

oh_weds_we_love_you, Owls Talk…

A future star and very good for us at time. Blessing in disguise though for me, we can go back to 4-4-2 and hopefully that will help us regain some form.

trev, Owls Talk…


Quality player.I was hoping we would get him for the rest of the season.

Future England international.

bladeshater, Owls Talk…

Dont what games you have seen to say he will be an england regular soon the likes of wiltshire and cleverly are at a far more advanced stage

Owling_Wolf, Owls Online…

If it only reduces the manager’s biased reliance upon five in midfield, necessary to accomodate a lad who’s half of a smashing footballer, (and the other half of a bloody awful, non-challenging one.) I agree with SheffBlue, and others. Lovely player, wrong team and situation.

McCabe’s already a far better option for us, if fit: a tigerish passer. Quite inexperienced but already able to play in a side with two forward options: a viable team.

Take this and run, Dave Jones. Thanks for trying it: a valid try, but now move on.

That probably sound rather ungrateful. I’m not. I thank the youngster for coming here, all his efforts and for the points his goals helped us to win. And I wish him the very best with Everton and for his eventual future.

Bedders, Owls Talk…

You just know this kid is going to go on to have a cracking future! He just didn’t fit our style or shape really…..but nevertheless did well in a struggling side.

Reminds me of the time we ‘gave up’ Ian Taylor to get Guy Whittingham in……perhaps we may be able to free up funds for a striker of something with a little more balance in midfield.

BRADDAZ, Owls Talk…

Good luck to the lad. Best 18 year old prospect I’ve witnessed live. By a long way too.

Terrific talent and will go onto to be a regular in the Everton side in the near future and will definitely play for England.

sweetsheri, Owls Talk…

Good luck lad, top player of the future.

Can we send Bothroyd back now unall?

Euse, Owls Talk…

Gutted he’s gone back to Everton early, but the best of luck to Ross Barkley.

He’s been outstanding in his short time with us & is certainly going to be a first team regular at Everton (or another Premier League team) soon enough.

HoylandOwl, Owls Talk…

Barkley has been far from infallible during his time with us, he has given possession away quite a few times and not busted a gut to get back and as others have said he’s been inconsistant. When he’s good he’s generally very good but he can disappear.

wickersley, Owls Talk…

Shame would have like to have seen us hang onto him until xmas if it was possible.

If his head was right (Ipswich away) he was a world beater.

Dagmeister, Owls Talk…

“is certainly going to be a first team regular at Everton (or another Premier League team) soon enough.” – Yes

“He’s been outstanding in his short time with us ” – No

Orlando_Trustful, Owls Talk…

Not surprised at all. If he spent much longer with us we’d end up bloody ruining him.

Good luck Rossatron.

Kagoshima, Owls Talk…

Our best player this season. We will miss him. Reckon Moyes called him back cos we are doing pants!!

Lawrie Maddens Hump, Owls Talk…

1 in 3 from midfield and some are pleased he’s going back. Honestly.

Dronfield_SWFC, Owls Talk…

Yes he will be a future England Player, but i feel that DJ altered the side just to play him.

The best we have played was against Brum at home with 442 and Cog, Rodi up front. The midfield with JJ,RM,JS and MT were brilliant that night.

Im sure he messed with formation just to play JB and Barkley

TrickyTrev, Owls Talk…

On the face of it this seems like a major blow as he has undoubted ability going forward but I’m not sure that at 18, he’s the sort of player you need in a relegation battle.

Yes, when on his game he was far too good for this level BUT when not on it, could be anonymous and offered very little defensively. I also think that due to his lack of defensive qualities, Jones switched to 4-5-1 which clearly hasn’t worked.

What we need to do now is use his wages on a Liam striker to play up front with Bothroyd and switch to 4-4-2 with 2 of either Semedo, Lines or McCabe in the middle.

shandypants, Owls Talk…

TBH, I am kind of relieved (cue various people accusing me of being a Barkley hater ).

I think that Barkley is a very talented player but, maybe at this level, can only really play in a team that is built around him. Due to the temporary nature of his loan deal, we could never really invest a great amount of time and effort in building that team around him. We need a different team shape before we bring similar type players back in. I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ has as much to do with Barkley going back as Moyes has with recalling Barkley.

The fact is that we need to get back to 4-4-2 and neither Barkley, McCabe nor Corry look physically capable and experienced enough of playing in a midfield two yet. I don’t know if Lines is the answer. We should give Lines the chance to prove himself but I don’t know whether we are in a position to give him the chance – its a risk.

Let’s be honest, Barkley’s loan wasn’t effective or successful in the same was that Marshall’s, Treacy’s and Antonio’s were last season. Ok, I know it was a different league but surely you bring in a player to add benefit and, as far as I can see, we’ve gained 8 points out of a possible 39 while he was in the side – that’s not any benefit to us.

I thank him for his time with us and his play was something to behold at times but, in the grand scheme of things, he’s no great loss in my honest opinion.

Euse, Owls Talk…

I’m truly amazed at the number of people (who are) happy for Barkley never to play in the side again.

You’ll all get a big shock after the Leicester game when we don’t do anything apart from lump it up front. He has been our best player for weeks / months & to try and be diplomatic (assuming that’s what they’re doing) and say it’s better he’s gone, for whatever reason you have, is just baffling.

senwar, Owls Talk…

I think he’s been quality to be honest and some of the touches and skill he’s shown (and I’ll single out his performance at Ipswich as one) have been superb.

But as I say I can understand why people would say we need something different at this time

vontemp, Owls Talk…

Good prospect but far too much of a luxury in our current situation.

shandypants, Owls Talk…

Why do people believe that he was our best player? He is great with the ball at his feet and ok without the ball when we are in possession but absolute non-existent when the opposition have the ball. Football is as much about doing things when the opposition have the ball than it is when your team have it. Barkley has the potential and most of the attributes to become a good player but, currently, he is woefully lacking in some aspects of his game.

Good player but wrong team, wrong league and wrong time. As I said earlier in this thread, there appears to have been very little benefit for us in having him on loan. I would have much preferred an ‘old campaigner’ in the Steve Watson mould than a young lad that we were ‘bringing on’ for another team.

TonyOwl88, Owls Talk…

What a player! Top draw.. and the 2 wins he earned us will probably be important come the end of the season.

Its a shame he never got to play along side a Semdo/Lines combo… no disrespect to McCabe and Corry, but that would have been our strongest line-up in midfield in the current system. The young lads can be hit and miss, but Barkley was different class… well worth changing formations to compensate for his lack of experience.

Only regret is that we couldn’t make Ross look as great a player as he actually is, thanks to our poor displays.

How far do you think Ross Barkley can go in the game, Sheffield Wednesday and Everton fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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