Redknapp lambasts his ‘overpaid’ players: QPR fans have their say

Opinion » Redknapp lambasts his ‘overpaid’ players: QPR fans have their say

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Loftus Road... Not a happy place right now (Img: Matt Churchill)
Loftus Road… Not a happy place right now (Img: Matt Churchill)

Queens Park Rangers manager Harry Redknapp was highly critical of his players’ value for money after their 1-0 defeat at Newcastle United, launching the following scathing attack…

“There are a lot of players at this club who earn far too much money. Far too much for their ability and what they give to the club. I don’t really want to see the owners have their pants taken down like they have in the past.”

Was Redknapp right to go public with these thoughts? Football Burp visited QPR forums We Are the Rangers Boys, QPR Report and to see what the Loftus Road faithful had to say about it…

We Are the Rangers Boys


How refreshing to hear that. But unfortunately for us and Arry, these are the players we’ve got. With all our pathetic players on big money, surely we will end up like Portsmouth if we go down..


If anyone can get us out of this it’s Harry, at least he’s had the sense to play down how much we’re going to spend in order to try and nab some bargains. Think he’ll want to get shot of Granero and Bosingwa at the first opportunity. If we can shift Granero that will potentially free up 5-6 million for him to play with. Bosingwa will be considerably more difficult to move though.

QPR Rickson…

I’m disgusted with how many wronguns we’ve got at the club and the amount of money there thieving off us every week. I really hate the way we’ve gone about things since we’ve been in the prem.


Ok for him to berate players on stupid wages offered by the club, but I’m sure he didn’t complain or hesitate to sign his own contract, which I’m sure is over the odds also.

I would then say he massively underperformed in his role today with some ridiculouys decisions. The worst being Anton at RB when we couldve played Fabio or Onouha. Anton can’t even play well at CB ffs!

Also why change a winning team if no injuries when they would’ve been bouyant?

Have a look at yourself Harry!


All true but the way he set the team up didn’t help.


Glad to hear it myself. He’s right – the club has been done up like a kipper. I reckon he might be having some serious concerns about what he has actually taken on as well. I wonder how many of these players he would have signed?


Overpaid manager gets tactics wrong and blames team?

Albert Steptoe…

I’d imagine Granero for starters.

Camberley R…

Cisse for seconds.


He said he had to fine a player last week who earns more than anyone at Tottenham. Next sentence he said Bosingwa is on £65K per week.


Name and Shame?

Cissè (this season)

To name but a few.

Hunter S Thompson…

SWP was a big improvement on Granero when he came on.
Fed up with Cisse. When’s he actually going to TRY ?
Bundle Granero and Bosswanker together for the January sales, 2 for the price one 1.
Hoillet looks like a good footballer but someone removed his brain. Makes the same mistakes over and over again. Doesn’t even know where he is on the pitch.


Adel and Cisse both looked the business last weekend. And didn’t today.

Have they become useless in a week, or was it because the team was not set up in the same way – Adel stuck out on the wing and Cisse left isolated?

It was back to the tactics Hughes employed.

As for Harry describing the situation – surely he knew what he was getting into. I know governments always blame the previous lot for everything that’s wrong, but it his job to organise and motivate.

QPR Report


Well done Mr HR for saying it as it is, as i said on a previous thread, blame the transfer policy of the board and the position we find oursleves in is directly their fault. They got suckered in by anyone who talked sweetly and as if they knew their stuff, naive is putting it mildly. How they ever made their money (lots of) in whatever industry is beyond me.

And, the more of this stuff that comes out the more the apologists will stop to think perhaps…..well maybe not eh!


Of course this might not exactly inspire the team!


Mac ,H doesnt give a Fcuk about that.He is doing what he’s done at all his clubs.Come in completely rubbish what he has inherited and insist he has got to spend and spend big.

Was Redknapp right to speak out like that, QPR fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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