Nottingham Forest fans react to Alex McLeish appointment

Opinion » Nottingham Forest fans react to Alex McLeish appointment

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The City Ground
…and here’s the welcoming party (Img: stadiumguide)

Football Burp visited the Nottingham Forest forums LTLF ForestForum, Vital Forest and to see what the City Ground faithful had to say about the sacking of Sean O’Driscoll and subsequent appointment of Alex McLeish…

O’Driscoll sacked

sedgred, LTLF ForestForum…

No way. please no way, SOD is the way forward for this club.

this has got to be a serious wind up.


I cant believe it, so much for 3 year plan and backing the manager. I wonder how the players are going to react to this with a big game on saturday as well. I really give up sometimes.

SOD will have known exactly what players he would want in Jan to strengthen the team and get the squad mouldered. The new manager wont know what positions need filling and who to bring in. This is certainly a step backwards absolute joke!!

Barney2477, Vital Forest…

Delighted with this news! This is modern football with rich owners. Why should they put up with mediocre performance from an employee? He has one of, if not the, biggest budgets in the league and we have not strung 3 wins together. He was never the right man for the job and he proved it, end of.

I am really pleased to see the owners have the same ambition for this club I have. We should never settle for mediocrity again. We have the spending power to get out of this league now, let’s get on with it and managers who can’t select their best 11 after 24 games need not apply.

Oh, and for those crying tears on how poorly SOD has been treated, get a grip. This is football, there is zero loyalty. SOD showed that himself with his departure from Crawley. He saw a chance to make himself a millionaire and snapped Forest’s hands off. Do you think he thought “I can’t leave Crawley, I have only been here 14 minutes”, did he hell, he said, where do I sign, “show me the money”. He gets his contract paid up in full and will be rolling around in twenties for the rest of his life.

Onwards and upwards. These boys know where we belong and have the money to get us there. Some of you need to remember who we are. WE ARE NOTTINGHAM FOREST, DOUBLE EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS!! Time for us to be back in the big time, fighting it out for a place in Europe.

kezz, LTLF ForestForum…

Wow. WTF man, surely the craziest FT result that we’ve ever sacked a manager on…


I did wonder if we has a poor result today and on Saturday whether we might give him the flick, especially with January coming up.

However, I am shocked at this and it is completely undeserved. I can only think that there is someone who is lined up to come in who the owners think will be better than O’Driscoll.

Mark Hughes and Di Matteo spring to mind. Owen Coyle may be an outside bet. I can’t see it being Billy Davies, even though I think it would be a good appointment.

Beasty, LTLF ForestForum…

Fuming doesn’t cover it.


billy sharp ‏@billysharp10
gutted that ruins a decent day.

bye bye billy….

Pope John XXIII, Vital Forest…

A big thank you to Sean O’Driscoll, one of our most cerebral and intelligent managers. I have a great deal of respect for the man- as John Percy has said, he was building something for the future and would have got us promoted, no question- just not in the immediate short term.

That wasn’t good enough for some on here and our new owners.

Very worried about this change in direction.

Sean- thank you, it’s a shame you have been treated so badly

tuck60, LTLF ForestForum…

Ridiculous decision! Whoever comes in will need time to get to know the players etc! Things were going along nicely heading into the transfer window. Feel very sorry for O’Driscoll.


Had we lost 4-2 I think a number of people would have a different opinion on this.

What I feel has got him the sack is bizarre team selections, not playing to our strengths and too many dross results at home.

The reasons given that they felt the team should have settled is a fair comment and this has been reflected in some of the press recently.

This is my opinion but I don’t think SoD wanted to buy big and the owners do…. their club, their cash and if they want to splash it around in January then they have to have someone in place who will spend it on “bringing in the best”.

Not sure how I feel about the sacking … feel sorry for the guy but I think he made a rod for his own back.

pip, LTLF ForestForum…


The squad is almost all new players. How are they supposed to bond and become a consistently performing team in such a short space of time? No manager is capable of making that happen.

I’m not impressed.

Dane B,…

To be honest, I ain’t all that fussed about the sacking. I was all for O’Driscoll when he was appointed, but I have been left baffled and frustrated by his managerial techniques. Great one day, shit the next. However, I do feel for him. But if the owners were expecting more from the team than what we have been getting, then this is the perfect time to bring in a replacement. A couple of games for the new manager to weigh up what he has inherited, then the Jan transfer window. Good timing by the owners, but I will wait to see who they employ before I credit them with a good move for the club.

FBS, LTLF ForestForum…

So shocked at this. The players all seemed to respect him, its going to be a tough choice on who to bring in that will appease fans and players.
Pretty speechless.

orbitalforest, Vital Forest…

In one way i think it’s a horrible decision but in another way you can’t help but think that these guys will not settle for mediocrity so are hell bent on taking us up.

incapable hulk, LTLF ForestForum…

The owners can fuck right off.

I love this club, and have suffered with it through some shit times (moaning along the way). But this is the most disgraceful, callous act ive seen in regards to replacing a manager ive seen in my time as a fan.

Appalling is not the right word.

Joe90, LTLF ForestForum…

Fucked off, to the max. From the way O’Driscoll presented himself and spoke in his programme notes I was really excited to see it all fall into place finally.

Ingy, Vital Forest…

A big thank you to SOD for his hard work. However this does show what their expectation level is and shows they want someone to spend in Jan who they believe will spend it wisely. It may be harsh but at least we know how serious they really are!

Rory, LTLF ForestForum…

You get a gracious manager, with the correct ethos and long term vision for this club, one that plays the correct way and has an interest in the youth team. One without an ego, and who has actually got us in a decent position just before January. What does that get you? The sack. I thought these owners actually knew about football and cared for this football club, I was wrong, they are three rich arabs little toy. FUCKING JOKE.

Kier, Vital Forest…

SOD deserved the season at least to get things right. We were doing OK and I think we could have been more consistent over the second half of the season and made the top 6.

I think it shows that the owners never particularly wanted him and only went for him after failing to land other targets.

As others have mentioned there has to be someone pretty much lined up to come in for this to make any sense. If they are better than SOD then it’s all good. We can all remember what happened the last time we sacked someone undeservedly and brought in a big name to replace him.

Dangerous Dom, LTLF ForestForum…

sod was a nice guy so honest its a sad day but nobody will be moaning if we are in prem next season

McLeish is appointed

Alex McLeish
McLeish… He’s back! (Img: the sportreview)

chriscl, LTLF ForestForum…

Good luck Alex – I have a feeling you are going to need it!

Pope John XXIII, Vital Forest…

Even David Pl**t seemed ok at he time- he had potential when he was appointed.

This guy has no potential and no ability. He’s loathed by every club he’s managed and universally recognised for implementing some of the direst football in the game. He would make every game feel like a trip to the dentist.

The man has absolutely nothing to recommend him

Big Paul,…

There’s a lot worse out there. I’d prefer BD over anyone else, Di Matteo would be good, Hughes not sure. McLeish good form at getting promotion and performed miracles getting Brum to finish 9th in the Prem and win the League Cup. Ditto performed miracles with Scotland getting them on the brink of a major tournament.

Before all the facist gingerism shit hits this board, get a grip take a look at his record and forget Villa, he never had a chance from day one. Lambert has done nothing with Villa and they will go down sooner rather than later.

derbyshirered, LTLF ForestForum…

I doubt they could have picked anyone worse

Pearced, Vital Forest…

It’s Megson all over again. I need a new interest for the next few months

Jimboreds, LTLF ForestForum…

How can I get behind this idiot? I think the last bit of Forest in me just died.

InSeanWeTrust, Vital Forest…

Prem League experience.
Knows how to get out of the Championship.
Eager to prove himself.

For those reasons I am fairly happy. Now that I am over the initial shock.


I think he would be an OK appointment, if not overly exciting. His record is better than people are giving him credit for: Runners up in the SPL in 1995 with Motherwell, a decent haul of trophies with Rangers, almost qualifying for Euro 2008 with Scotland (in a group that had France and Italy in it) and a promotion and the league cup with Birmingham.

The flip side is his atrocious spell at Villa and two relegations with Birmingham. I would still prefer him to Roy Keane.

RedRog12, LTLF ForestForum…

Isn’t McLeish just Cotterill in a ginger wig?

Basha73, Vital Forest…

It’s a toss up who hates him most between blues and villa fans. Think the owners will regret this decision.

PsYcHoSpiKe, LTLF ForestForum…

The tree on my forest shirt has wilted and I doubt the leaves will grow back for some time


I think this is a bit like Chelsea with Benitez. Nobody wants him but he might make us more solid. wouldn’t have been my choice bu I do respect the owner or this fo acople o reasons:

– sacking sod, whether or not you agree with it, shows ambition
– the fact hat he isn’t a popular choice shows the owner knows his own mind and will make his own decisions

No one knows how it will turn out, so lets get behind him. Remember bassett and Davies? no one wanted them and they did well enough

Jomox, LTLF ForestForum…

He’s a great manager, sure can be defensive but he can get us results, stop being such downers and so negative over every change, help push the club forward, be positive instead of crying and moaning like babies, and then booing and giving us a bad name, most of us Forest fans have had enough of it, in-fact most who do this have never even been to a game at the city ground, just get behind our man.

mrdan1000, Vital Forest…

It’s often appointments like this…..disappointing on first impression, that turn out to be good.

I think it’s an astute appointment. Would have preferred Billy.

But Mcleish has proven credentials of taking Birmingham out of his league, leading them to a league cup win over Arsenal also.

Also masterminded Scotland win over France in Paris, and anyone who can achieve that must have something about them!

I say give him a fair crack of the whip. I think this is a step in the right direction.

Red Dawn, LTLF ForestForum…

I honestly don’t think they could have made a worse decision.

We’ll have another manager by the end of the season. Forest fans will not accept his hoofballing shit

Gouldy, Vital Forest…

Would have been disappointed had we been managerless and appointed him, but we sacked SOD for this ‘ten men behind the ball’ merchant. In that context, furious.

It has been poited out that both Billy Davies and Harry Bassett came with certain reputations re style of play but won us over by playing a moreflowing game. I can only hope that Big Eck proves to be a Bassett and not a Megson!

Redz83, LTLF ForestForum…

Hearing that McLeish is the new manager is the same feeling as opening a present to find it’s a DVD of a film you’ve already seen

justnotjase, LTLF ForestForum…

I wasnt a fan of SOD, but I would carry him from wherever he lives to the City Ground on my back rather than have this

DorsetRed, Vital Forest…

Will always support the manager but this is an opportunity missed…I was happy with SOD but did not see him with us long term as manager maybe as a DOF because he is a decent football man. However, taking action now suggested that something big and good was happening….this is a poor substitute.

McCleish will build a team of giants, knock the ball long and be defensive. I can see Sharp and other such players walking away but no doubt Dex will be signed up now! We will grind teams down, maybe even get into play offs but this is a different version of promotion at any cost.

sedgred, LTLF ForestForum…

What an absolute and utter anti-football tosser these fools have appointed as manager, the owners call this ambition, what an absolute and utter sick joke.

So pleased now, I don’t have a season ticket, because the only way I can register my utter and total disgust at this appointment is to vote with my feet.

I am 55 years old, have loved Forest through thick and thin, man and boy and never ever have felt so let down and betrayed by the club, I am struggling to find the words to express the absolute and utter horror of this man at the helm at Forest. He is dour and as inspiring as a kick in the ear on a freezing morning.

I thought we were moving forward, this is football wise dragging the club screaming and kicking into the dark ages. The owners are nothing more than a bunch of mercenary wankers, they have ripped out the soul of the club for the chance of a shekel or two.

What do you make of it all, Forest fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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