Liverpool fans recognise Stewart Downing improvement

Opinion » Liverpool fans recognise Stewart Downing improvement

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Stewart Downing
Downing… Upping (Img: Danny Molyneux)

Stewart Downing got his long-awaited first goal for Liverpool in Saturday’s 4-0 win over Fulham at Anfield, so Football Burp visited Reds forums Red and White Kop and This is Anfield to see what they had to say. While most were pleased with the improvement he’s shown of late, others remain unconvinced as to whether or not he can be a part of the Brendan Rodgers revolution…

Red and White Kop


Fabulous performance.

Ousts Gerrard for MOTM.

Chaka Hanukkah…

He was really great today, scored 1 and assisted 1. Can’t ask much more than that, but honestly we haven’t seen this Downing since he arrived.

If he can do it consistently then we have a player on our hands…. if.


We have [seen this Downing since he arrived] – although only really in the cups. He’s a total confidence player, when he’s on his game he looks really good, but he’s very inconsistent. I’m usually critical of him in games where we’re struggling because he hides, but to be fair to him he was our best player last week as well.

Maybe we should have played him more on the right this season.


Been impressed with Downing since the WHU game. Looks like it all came together today!

Well done!


Yes but is it just a coincidence that he plays well when we have supposedly said he can go if he wants.


Just as I hoped.
His solid performances at fullback gave him a start at his preferred position and he took his chance and delivered. Well done by Rodgers for seeing the moment and using it well and well done Stewart, not only for providing a goal and an assist, but also for fighting for loose balls, mixing it up and providing real threat. I hope it’s only a start for Downing, he should treat it as such.

Crosby Wych…

Absolute top quality today, best all round performance I’ve seen in ages. Took his man on, quality passing, good goal, constant pressing with many tackles and interceptions.

Please push on now Stewart!


He could have scored three or four goals today. Two fantastic long range shots of real power and accuracy.

Also, he really looked up for it, fantastic tracking back at the end to dispossess them and keep a clean sheet.


Good performance by him today.

Shame it took him until one and a half years into his LFC career, and once he has already been told he can leave.

And really no need to put his fingers to his lips shushing the crowd. Not impressed by that at all. He should count himself very lucky BR is giving him a chance.


Sublime pass to Gerrard for the second goal and a cracking run for the second. Some of the negativity in here just proves some people have an agenda. He’s probably been our best player in December. Well in Stewie.

As a side note that shot that grazed the pot was incredible… Reminded me of his effort against Chelsea last year on the half volley that smacked the upright. I am cautiously optimistic because I think he has had several false dawns around here. The bottom line is if you look up his performance against united at villa, or against us at villa, he was an absolute game changer while there. If he can replicate half that form in 2013 he’ll be a huge asset.

This is Anfield


Credit where it’s due. I’m not sure if he was our best player on the pitch but he did exactly what was asked of him, only a year and a half late. First league assist and first league goal and never stopped running, pressing, playing just the way he should have been playing in his days at Liverpool.


Finally scored for us and played his best game today. I’d give him the Man of the match if it wasn’t for our captain fantastic making it looked so easy controlling the midfield.


Who would have thought that Stewart Downing would be MOTM? He put in a tireless shift, the sort of effort and running that won Carroll some admirers (me) in the second half of last season when he started to turn things around. His assist was a gorgeous little Barca-esque through ball, and his goal was well taken as well. He was involved in most of our attacks, played three or four very dangerous crosses, and had four shots, one yielded a good goal, another should have yielded a corner, one was deflected, and the other just skewed wide. None were far from the cage. A very, very strong performance from my least favorite Liverpool player.

norwegian wood…

Very happy for him. That must have been one huge monkey off his back, even though he did his best to downplay it in the post-match interview. It’s ok to smile, Stewart!


Today was a case of better late than never really. Why it took so long only he can answer. I dont think it was enough to save him from the chop but if he was to put in another few similar performances then maybe he has a future here. He looks dangerous when he cuts in onto his left foot and shoots.


Good game today.
I think sometimes he’s a convenient scapegoat, and one good performance wont change the minds of the people who just dont rate him.
Be nice to see a few more performances like this one.


History seems to suggest that Downing performs better in the second season with his new club. So perhaps he has really settled in well and is starting to be more confident on the pitch. Lets hope his good form continues and should he eventually be sold, we would not make a too great loss on it.


Give credit where it’s due. He’s been much better lately – and hopefully increased his market value. But just when I thought I was getting to the point where seeing him on the pitch was no longer putting me into a rage induced stroke, he pulls that “shushing” manuever today. Maybe, I’m being a little unfair or over sensitive (or maybe even completely misinterpreting it) but I found that to be utterly ridiculous. Is he really that clueless to how bad he’s been since he came here? One PL goal (admittedly a pretty good one) in a year and a half and he thinks everybody needs to quiet down? Are you f’ing kidding me? I wish I could suck at my job for the better part of two years and then when I finally manage to get something done, walk into my boss’s office and give him the “shush”. He’s back to being Stuart F’ing Downing to me…what an ass.

Raoul Duke…

Isn’t that a bit harsh?
When I saw his goal and that gesture I thought it was supposed to mean something like “it’s too early to celebrate me like that” and not “you are not allowed to criticise me anymore after this performance”.
At least that would have made sense in his case.

darren kelly…

Basically Downing just cuts inside and shoots from the right every time.If he was up against a good full back they would make him go on his weaker right foot and he would have to cross the ball and it would end up in row z…I was not fooled by 1 good performance and would like him gone and a replacement found.Playing good at Xmas is not good enough is he after a move and a big signing on fee somewhere.


Knew it was there, clear confidence player.

Shame it took him so long, but Rodgers’ man management has worked wonders on him it seems.

Basically a new signing, to repeat the cliche.

Do you think Stewart Downing has a future at Anfield, Liverpool fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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