Forum Thread of the Week: Chelsea fans debate Benitez stance

By Jonny Abrams


Rafael Benitez
Benitez… Beneath us? (Img: Djdannyp)

It’s fair to say that Chelsea’s appointment of Rafael Benitez as interim manager was met with some consternation by the Stamford Bridge faithful, who continued to chant the name of predecessor Roberto Di Matteo during Sunday’s 8-0 win over Aston Villa – but should the Spaniard be cut some slack after this latest thumping victory?

Football Burp visited Blues forum CFCnet.co.uk to see what they had to say about it all, and found the following intriguing range of opinions…

James Prescott…

Remember before the Villa game lots of anti-Rafa stuff – we were seventh (despite two games in hand), and had a difficult game against a well organised Villa team coming up with no gurantee of success at all.

But we now have our biggest league win since Carlo was in charge, our best performance for a long time, Torres scoring for fun (despite not playing too well), and the team looking much more organised, confident and together. David Luiz has been given a midfield role and looks born to play there.

Rafa isn’t doing bad is he….though I guess everyone will find some excuse for this big result which favours RDM and dismisses Rafa. But to me there is no doubt – he has had a positive impact on the club and the team.


Credit where credits due, Rafa couldn’t have done much better today.

The subs were spot on and that was a fantastic performance

Sleeping Dave…

The vast majority will never take to Tubby. I’m one of them. Doesn’t matter what he accomplishes here, I’ll want him out regardless.

strong centreback…

I’m exactly the same, I’m a man of principle, he could win everything we are still in and id want him gone at the earliest opportunity, I dont care if he does well or not he is not a chelsea manager and never will be a chelsea manager.

Rafa out.


I like his selections so far.. apart from Luiz in the mid.. I dont think he likes that role too much.. and he maybe doing ok there for now.. I dont think he has enough technical ability .. (close control) which mikel has to hold off players.. with the ball at his feet.. anyways back to rafa.. now you can actually see the more direct style rafa prefers.. starting to blend in with the short passing ball play of our little wizards.. all be it in patches but looks great when it comes off..

I think rafa is a little too abrasive with the press though especially his madrid comments etc.. but he is entitled to have his say.. lets hope he keeps honest and we improve.. I dont think he will have a much better set to work with again in his career ..if he fails here.. jjan is here we can get the dm and cf cover we need and then this squad looks great

rafa plz convince the board to shell out for the God ‘Lamps’ and our bad boy ‘Cole’ both our awesoome players and club legends in my opinion and still worth it

Richard Redmond…

Er…um…ah…well done Rafa. (ducks)


Separating Benitez’s affiliation to Liverpool for one second, the team is a lot more balanced defensively(regardless of the stats in that department) – evident when we’re being counter-attacked, our attacking play is a lot quicker and more direct, he’s got Torres firing(even though his overall play still sucks), and clearly the forms of Hazard and Moses have improved from the levels under RDM(perhaps that has something to do with the rotation?).

Quite a few people had reservations about RDM’s credentials for landing the job in the first place, and his capacity as a coach to lead a team throughout a season whilst building a squad. As difficult as it is to admit, because he is no question a Chelsea legend, we folded in spectacular fashion under him. I saw absolutely no indication that anything was about to change under him either.

Does Rafael Benitez deserve to be cut any slack, Chelsea fans? Have your say in the comments section below…