Embattled Manager of the Week: Martin Jol, Fulham

Opinion » Embattled Manager of the Week: Martin Jol, Fulham

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Martin Jol
Jol… Jolly (Img: Mickybrown100)

Fulham’s poor run of form continued as they became the first side to lose to Queens Park Rangers this season, so Football Burp mosied on down to Cottagers forum Friends of Fulham to see what folk were saying about their manager Martin Jol…

Stands accused of…


I have never seen a worse performance by our boys. This killed my spirit.

Seriously. I challenge anyone to find me a slower paced team in the EPL. Our players look like they have no motivation, no purpose, no energy. I like Jol but the time has come to bring on a manager to infuse some life into the squad.


I think the last time I was so embarrassed by such a performance was when we lost 0-10 at Anfield.

But at least we had a go that night.


You can blame Jol for bringing in Richardson and keeping him on the pitch. Was he better than Kaca was vs Toon? C’mon man. You can blame Jol for bringing in Roda and keeping him on the pitch so long. His last game now appears a fluke, against poor central defenders; he contributed nothing today, and nothing in most games he’s played. You can blame Jol for bringing in Dejegah and bringing him on today; he looks less capable every time out. And you can blame Jol for not having his team ready to play against a poor team aching for a home goal, much less a home win.

Tony Gale was burying his head in his hands watching this lot today. So was I.


This has to be, by far, the lowest point of Martin Jol’s reign as Fulham manager. How can one guy continue to get it so completely wrong on so many occasions?!

I’m fed up of watching us tear teams apart one week and then for him to completely change things the next and in turn making us look like fooking idiots! Why oh why of all weekends does he have to do it against QPR?

That wasn’t Fulhamish today, that was a complete and utter shambles and Marting Jol is to blame, no excuses! We’ve just laid down and handed them their first win of the season and at the same time, made ourselves look like a complete laughing stock!

Thank you Martin Jol for ruining every Fulham fans weekend and in turn, giving that wobble necked idiot an outside chance of keeping those pratts up!

You really couldn’t have written this story any better and I for one are fuming, absolutely fuming!


Really struggling to come up with something on a par with that debacle. Maybe Brentford hammering us 3 or 4 nil at their place but even then limited players like Mark Kelly showed more than our millionaires did today.
Have never been convinced by Jol and doubt if I ever will.


I strongly beleive, and have said so before, that Jol’s man management is to blame for most dressing room unrest. Players who have left the club have intimated this and last year he put a ban on them commenting publicly. This is more or less his team, apart from H&H [Hangeland and Hughes] and he is responsible for their motivation. Our performance yesterday and the one against Spurs were totally unacceptable, I have a bad “Sanchez” like feeling about this man. At least sparky kept the backbone of Woy’s good work (after trying to change it and realising it wouldn’t work). The only useful contribution he has made is bringing in Berba.
MAF should consider his options now before it is too late and we are dragged down into the mire.
I have followed Fulham since ’58 and have seen them at rock bottom before, but at least the players looked like they were trying. I am so disappointed today and could not watch match of the day or read the papers. When the Finnster raised concerns last season and I agreed with him many people on this board had a go, but now the time has come to wake up. Ruiz returning is not the great change that will turn our fortunes, you cannot guarantee him playing in half our matches with his injury record. Major changes need to happen. What was said at half time yesterday I don’t know but they came out and played worse!

In his defence…


I’m sorry but you can’t have a go at Martin Jol because our players got the basics wrong today. Basic passes were misplaced too frequently; not enough commitment in 50/50s.


Anyway, I have a lot of faith in Jol and what he’s trying to do at our famous little club but I think the unexpected sale of Dembele hurt us and Jol will need MacKintosh to fully back him this transfer window. to bring in 3/4 quality playwrs on the cheap


Before Ruiz got injured we were playing better attacking football. Our bad form all hinges on his injury.


While Jol has plenty to answer for. The club did not back him in the transfer window and we took not one but several steps back by selling our best players and not replacing them. Jol had to scramble for OAPs to fill the void.

Sadly the players that are still there, some seem to be happy to move on and are not playing for Jol. How else to explain the form of Brede etc? THere was a bit of truth in the BZ accusations and Mark Hughes comments on the club.

Many were worried after the transfer window including Jol himself. Not sure it matters who is in charge if the club continue to invest ONLY in the future and not today. Although the tactics for many of our away games have been woeful and dull. Our lacking of attempts to go forward has to be down to tactics as it has happened so often away from home. Playing for a draw against poor sides are costing us as well as having no depth in the squad.

Martin Jol: in or out? Have your say in the comments section below…


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