Embattled Manager of the Week: Alan Pardew, Newcastle United

Opinion » Embattled Manager of the Week: Alan Pardew, Newcastle United

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Alan Pardew
Pardew… Alan Pardew (Img: Brian Minkoff-London Pixels)

Newcastle United fans serenaded Alan Pardew with chants of “you don’t know what you’re doing” during the Magpies’ 2-1 defeat at St James’s Park to fellow strugglers Reading, so Football Burp mosied on down to the Newcastle Online and Talk of the Tyne message boards to find the Toon Army faithful more or less unanimous in their desire to see the back of the reigning LMA Manager of the Year…

Stands accused of…

poisoned_monkey, Talk of the Tyne…

Never been so despondent after a game than after today.
Pardew lost that game with his substitutions,we were in total control.Not playing great but reading were no threat at all.
Trying to see a game out for the last 30 mins was scandalous.Shola did nothing all game but managed 90 minutes.
We could spend 50 million next week & i wouldnt trust pardew with it.
Completely clueless & the tide has turned as far as the crowd have concerned.He got the “you dont know what your doing” chants & rightly so.Allardyce was sacked for less than this.

toon25, Newcastle Online…

Cannot describe how I feel atm. Just numb. Cannot understand why Pardew threw that away. Supporting this club right now is like watching your dog get put down. You know what’s caused the problem, and you know they’re not long for this world, but there’s absolutely f*** all you can do about it.

There’s no question that we could sign Messi and we’d still struggle under this tosser’s tactics. If today showed one thing is that we’re capable of playing ‘ok’ (on the evidence of the 1st half) with the squad we have. For me therefore, if its a choice between sticking with AP for the remainder of the window so as we can bring in a couple of new faces or getting rid now I’d certainly prefer the latter.

BrassyNUFC, Talk of the Tyne…

the abuse he took when he took off cabaye was a sign of things to come,..it is now becoming like allershytes “you dont know what your doing” and i was surprised that wasnt chanted today..

i expect him to be sacked or resign in the next few days

Gallowgate Toon, Newcastle Online…

He’s not going to convince anyone that he simply told the team to carry on doing what they were, at half time. No subs came out, which presumably means he was giving them all the spiel about how important the result was for us and as a consequence, we couldn’t afford to concede in such a game, so we must keep tight.

If he cared about scoring goals and being positive, he would have either taken Shola or Jonas off and put Marveaux in their spot. He couldn’t even properly admit the Marveaux substitution was wrong, all he said was it ‘might’ have been the wrong decision.

thecorner, Talk of the Tyne…

Oh so do i, i never wanted him, have never warmed to him despite his very lucky season here, he is an arrogant cunt, he has no idea about tactics, his subs are the worst i can remember, he lies nearly as much as my ex does and probably enjoys being botted as much too. I think we’ll get relegated if he stays.

Only saving grace is i think he’ll be gone very very very soon. however, as said above, it won’t solve much.

ExiledGeordie, Newcastle Online…

Just seen his bbc interview. So the fans weren’t up to the logic of taking Cabaye off…………….well yeah many didn’t realise he was injured……….but the bulk of discontent was for quite frankly ludicrous formations, tactics and other substitutions. Seems the fans response has got hsi back up so it’s even less likely that he’s prepared to look at himself in the mirror now.

Rza, Talk of the Tyne…

to be honest I’m not really caring whether we go down or not, we deserve to on current form. My wanting of Pardew’s sacking is solely personal reasons. I don’t like the guy, he’s arrogant. I have no idea why either, because really he has nothing to be arrogant about. There hasn’t been much good news regarding us of late, and I check SSN every day for his sacking. I don’t even look for transfers. I just want to see him where he belongs – the dole. I admit, my reasons are a bit selfish but I never wanted him here

wormy, Newcastle Online…

I’m f***ing fuming at his constant ‘we need more players’ spiel, too. How the f*** is that supposed to make a near-full current squad feel? You’re effectively telling everyone that the majority of our team that finished 5th last season isn’t good enough to keep us out of a relegation battle.

So you get these few extra players in, allow them to be surrounded by a load of players who you’ve helped cause to become downtrodden as f***. Is he genuinely expecting those new players to lift the spirits of and spur on a whole squad of players?

steekiebrown, Talk of the Tyne…

IF a new manager arrives he’ll be the same ilk as Pardew. Here’s your squad, here’s your script, shut up and face the cameras. It’s a perfect set up for them.

alexf, Newcastle Online…

Had this feeling for ages. The way he talks down the squad players/youngsters yet never has a bad word to say about Jonas/Ameobi/Williamson, his so called senior pros, is disgusting.

banjo9, Talk of the Tyne…

How many times do we see this in football when the manager has totally lost it? It is clear that Pardew hasn’t another win in him. He is blaming everyone but himself for our predicament.

afar, Newcastle Online…

We are stuck with him unfortunately I just cannot envisage a situation that would see Ashley sack him. He’s not going to do it despite all our angst. In fact I think Ashley is so f***ing stubborn that the more vocal the fans get the more he’ll dig his heals in, he’s already proved that he doesn’t give a damn what the fans think. That’s why I just don’t see how we will not be relegated because this man has lost it, lost the players and of course the fans too. Hopelessly out of his depth in a relegation fight as he proved at west ham.

Rexn, Talk of the Tyne…

Seems that he has changed his mind:

“So I lost two flair players. I can understand the crowd’s reaction to that, but it was something I could not foresee.”

“I have to accept (the crowd’s reaction). Taking Marveaux off was probably a mistake because I did not think we would lose Cabaye, but when he said he was struggling with his groin I had to take him off.”

Funny, during another interview last night, he said that Cabaye was struggling at half time. He obviously couldn’t see that struggling at half time meant that he might not finish the game.

Either dim, or a liar in my humble opinion.

Just had to add this one, quote of the day:
“Once they scored, we had a negative tilt on the game in terms of the stadium.”

Sifu, Newcastle Online…

I feel sorry for Pardew in a way. He acquired so much goodwill on the back of last season but he’s basically thrown all of that out of the window with his recent “management” skills. I reckon that deep down, he knows he’s f***ing up big time – he wants to keep this job (which is probably the best one he’s had in his career) and I think that for him, that’s motivation in itself to persist with his defensive/win 1-0 approach. However it’s becoming increasily evident that his tactics are bordering on the cowardly and the negative levels. His overcautious approach is hindering us – he is so afraid of losing this job that a scrappy 1-0 win would actually do for him as it’s 3 massive points and it’s looking like this approach is rubbing off on the players. Such a mentality does not get you far whatsoever.

He’s let the fans, the players and ultimately himself down. Time for him to step aside, it really looks as if he’s run his course here and will not improve beyond his current level.

Rexn, Talk of the Tyne…

Sacking Pardew would hopefully give us a different style of play and hopefully, a change will motivate the players. At the moment, we are too easy to read and it seems that even a muppet could negate any positivity that Pardew’s teams are capable of generating.

As for who, I think Di Matteo has already been lined up. If not, there is a guy who has just left the South coast who worked wonders with the 2 teams he took over on a budget.

In his defence…

jdckelly, Newcastle Online…

the problems began not with Pardew himself starting them but the injuries and lack of adaption to dealing with the europa league on our schedule. What can be pinned on Pardew is the lack of any credible response or solution to these difficulties and indeed making them worse with strange team selections even with more limited resources lately. ATM he just doesn’t seem to know how to get the side out of the trouble its in, I honestly don’t think he caused most of the initial problems but his reaction to these difficulties leaves a lot to be desired.

Is it time for Alan Pardew to be sacked, Newcastle fans? If so, who would you like to see take his place? Have your say in the comments section below…


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