Doncaster fans give Wolves supporters the lowdown on Dean Saunders

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Doncaster Rovers fans give their Wolverhampton Wanderers counterparts the lowdown on Dean Saunders, who could be set for the Molineux hot seat after the sacking of Ståle Solbakken. Featuring quotes from Wolves Forum, Donny Mad and Viking Chat

Rovers fan, The Wolves Forum…


Howdo folks. I just thought I would give u an insight into both managers as a Rovers fan.

Sean O’Driscoll, ok he’s not charismatic, always looks gloomy but he get our rovers team playing a type of football I didn’t think was possible. The players really wanted to play for him, and we undoubtably had some of the best years under him. It was a massive shock when he got sacked. Ok he had applied for the Fulham job, the burley job and any other job for that point, but he was a classy manager. I think myself Doncaster based agent Willie McKay had a say in this?

Hence, walks in Saunders. Oh god. He took over on the Friday night and by the Saturday afternoon we are playing HOOF long football. It was painful to watch. Not only that, but he was a complete puppet for Mr McKay. The likes of chimbonda, ilunga and unknown African players from France were coming straight into the team for established rovers players. Good players. I personally think a fair bit of cash was flowing around between agent and manager at that time!
At times Saunders interviews are comical…the crap that he comes out with is baffling! He just tries to be one of the boys too much, if he cud get on the pitch I think he wud.
Personally, now I think he’s found his level in league 1. We have two centre backs 6ft5+ and still play hoof football but it seems affecting. Even so, the football is still piss poor!
I know certain fans will be sad to see him go but I won’t be. I personally don’t think he’ll be any good for u guys either, and if I was your chairman I’d have SoD every day! He’s passionate for wolves, which he may have lacked at the end at Rovers

Sorry for intruding but I hope my opinion helps.

RTID, The Wolves Forum…

Another Rovers fan here, posted my views on Saunders on another thread before I’d noticed this one, I have to say I rate Deano really highly. A very clever man manager who WILL get your players running through walls for one another, and will clear out the ones who don’t. His style is not pretty, but not horrendous either – it’s more defensive, based on solid organisation at the back and getting results. He’s an enthusiastic bloke and demands the same attitude from his players, and it shows.

SO’D is a man who’s all about the footballing philosophy, but doesn’t believe it’s his job to motivate players – the exact opposite of Deano then, although when his style works it’s beautiful. If you’re in it for the long haul he’ll turn you round eventually, when he gets his ideas over to his players. His style is very pretty but too often lacks backbone and is hard to produce consistently. Mind you, you have much more money than we did, so who knows.

scarjo, Donny Mad…

It seems to me that Saunders has done the job he’s been asked to do. He’s not been asked to play pretty football, but to be effective, meaning: reduce spending (first and foremost), manage the players, improve the work rate, get results, resolve the injury problems (previously chronic)… To which might be added: develop youth policy. He’s been successful in all the above departments (after having previously done things in a similar fashion at Wrexham), by simply making the most of limited resources. It may not be entertaining, it may be lacking in style, but he’s mapped out and taken the shortest route from A to B. And we’re sitting on top of the pile, however ordinary the pile might be. Hardly surprising, then, that clubs from the Championship are starting to sniff around for his services.

westendcolt, Donny Mad…

Saunders leaving doesnt bother me cos he’s not bothered about donny

IDM, Viking Chat…

Saunders has turned us around into a hard to beat side, who are accumulating points whilst putting out unconvincing performances. There is no surprise he is in demand from a bigger club, we will always suffer I reckon.

I just hope there isn’t a huge anti-Saunders backlash IF he goes, after all, it is a free country and it is up to Saunders to develop his managerial career as he sees fit.


I’m sorry but I won’t be too chuffed with him. He’s a group of players here who I imagine he’s made promises to for them to sign. He won’t be short of money and has time on his side. He should be adding a promotion to his CV not pissing off at the first chance.

OxonViking, Viking Chat…

He admitted on that football focus bit the other week that he wanted to manage at a higher level with more money, resources, bigger office etc but didn’t say about it being with us. Just that he wanted to do it. Thought it was a bit of an advert at the time but never thought the opportunity would come so quickly. I’ll be very surprised if he stays but hopeful he does

DonnyBazR0ver, Viking Chat…

I think we were still to see the best of a Saunders team. I’m sure he was not happy with the way we play at times and although he put a solid foundation in place, he clearly was looking to improve where he could.

We hear moans about the style of play but do you really think Saunders, a player of craft, guile and determination would be satisfied with what we’ve seen at home this season?

It’s looking like he’s on his way but, one thing we will always wonder and that is what he would have achieved with more time here. I’m sure the Wrexham fans felt the same.

If he leaves our squad intact, then the new manager has the luxury of not having to change anything straight away. (The major concern of course is Cotterill following Deano out of the club and he will take some replacing)

dickos1, Viking Chat…

There must be many rovers fans having a party today, even only a month or so ago there were posts on here and elsewhere saying Saunders must go and he has no idea what he’s doing.
Well now it seemingly looks like you got your wish, so the question is are we going to jump on our next manager in the same way?
Saunders wasn’t fancied before we’d played a game by many and people are still finding excuses to not give him credit now, poor football, shit home form, luck, players don’t like him.
We need to give the next bloke a chance.

Rios, Viking Chat…

Can I just say it would be churlish of me to argue with being top, so I’m not going too. But the same points raised a month ago are still valid. We’re outstanding away and against teams who take it to us at home (SheffU) but yesterday was absolute dogshite apart from one moment of brilliance.

If (and it’s still an if at this stage) we do get another manager he won’t be tainted with the McKay episode and he won’t have replaced Sod, who was workshiped and hated by some of our support. Maybe a fresh start is what we need, although I’d have preferred to have done it at start or end of this season.

WolfClub, Viking Chat…

Wolves fan in peace. I don’t really know much about Dean Saunders, other than the negative assumption made by many Wolves fans because Donny were relegated with him. I know there was a bit involvement from Willie McKay, who btw is not very popular at Wolves either!

What are your thoughts on Saunders? Good appointment for a Championship team?

Chris Black come back, Viking Chat…

I heard that McKay is 100% nailed on as part of this deal. He will bring loads of crap, overprice foreign players to your club. If you have any leverage over Steve Morgan I would call him NOW and tell him to drop any interest in Saunders.

colin cramb, Viking Chat…

Dean had little to do with us being relegated and many (sensible) rovers fans believe that, dean had to be judged on his own team, he’s halved the wage budget while building a successful side, although the style of play hasnt been great it is effective and he’s instilled a never say die attitude to our team and we are very solid at the back, i think its fair to say alot of our fans dont want to see him leave

big fat yorkshire pudding, Viking Chat…

Saunders is a terrible manager, wouldn’t go near him if I was you. Great news for us though this, finally we’ll have a manager who can do something with a squad.

Bentley Bullet, Viking Chat…

Take him, he’s yours! I’ll drive him there me’sen…..

What do you think of Dean Saunders’s managerial credentials? Have your say in the comments section below…

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