Brighton fans consider Liam Bridcutt value

Opinion » Brighton fans consider Liam Bridcutt value

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Falmer Stadium
Falmer Stadium… Experience the Amexican wave (Img: Dominic Alves)

Brighton and Hove Albion midfielder Liam Bridcutt was outstanding in his side’s 2-0 FA Cup win over Newcastle United, so Football Burp hotfooted it down to Seagulls forum North Stand Chat to see what the Falmer Stadium faithful had to say…

Liam Bridcutt

Bring back Bryan wade!!…

Is Liam Bridcutt our greatest ever holding midfielder??
I’m struggling to think of a better one to be honest…..


Just unbelievable today. I’ll be delighted if we hold into him for another season. He’s going to the Prem with or without us.


Bridcutt was nothing short of sensational today. What a player.

Barrel of Fun…

Quite possibly our best ever signing of a free agent? The fact that crystal Palace had him on trial and decided against signing him makes it all the sweeter.

Bring back Bryan wade!!…

I just worry if a club comes in with an offer in excess of 4m would we sell?


4m is nowhere near close to his value. Compared to some of the overpriced shite floating around the PL he is quality.

After today you can double that and then add a bit.


Like all great midfielders he has the “swivel” head. In the split second a short pass is on it’s way he’s already looked in all directions and has the skill to pass or beat his man. He also got in some useful blocks today while defending. It’s sad that a player with his promise was released by Chelsea without a second thought.

Mustafa Kemal…

He’s the real deal.

Defensively WORLD CLASS, no exaggeration. Incredible at keeping possession. The only thing holding him back from being one of the best defensive mids in the country is his attacking ability – not that it’s overly important in his position.


what i think is so good is that you can see definitive improvement since last season, and he can dominate the midfield in ways i never thought could be possible for him. There is still room for improvement like all players but that isn’t a criticism it is a sign that he is on course to be a top player and he will certainly outgrow this league by the time we are in the premiership with him. I would love to renew his contract as it would just be evidence of our desire and drive to become a top club that will not rest with our current situation.


coming into this transfer window i was worried we may lose some our better players for cheap money, but the last few games have shown that big money will need to be spent if anyone wants to buy bridcutt, orlandi or cms… at least if do lose one of them we’ll have money to hopefully replace them.

How much do you think Liam Bridcutt is worth, Brighton fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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