Boo-Boy of the Week: Shaun Wright-Phillips, QPR

Opinion » Boo-Boy of the Week: Shaun Wright-Phillips, QPR

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Jonny Forumer

Another sub-par performance from Queens Park Rangers winger Shaun Wright-Phillips in the Hoops’ 3-2 defeat at West Bromwich Albion on Saturday has led many to question why on earth Mark Hughes keeps picking the former England international ahead of the promising Junior Hoilett. Football Burp sent Jonny Forumer over to online joints QPR and We Are the Rangers Boys to listen in on the thoughts of an exasperated Loftus Road faithful…

QPR winger Shaun Wright-Phillips
SWP… Shocking Winger’s Performance (Img: Free-ers)

What the fans are saying about Shaun Wright-Phillips…

dm, QPR…

Why oh why does Hughes keep picking him?

And please don’t give me the ‘He tracks back and is good at his defensive game’ excuse. I’ve bored myself silly with that one already.

Droghoop, We Are the Rangers Boys…

Can we fine him for being a totally useless pile of ****…. also, I will drive him to any club who could take him off our hands, his name should never grace another team-sheet ever again unless it’s for the reserves….

hogbag2, QPR…

Maybe he’s dating the manager’s daughter……..sorry can’t think of anything else.

rickyranger, We Are the Rangers Boys…

SWP continually turns back, which as a wide attacking player is pointless, slows the play and narrows the width of the team. You only have look at their first two goals, both came from postive wide play that SWP simply doesn’t give.

qprgentina, QPR…

Because Hughes hates Ian Wright from his playing days so he’s playing SWP so the whole world can see just how shit and pointless his son is at football thus embarrassing and humiliating Ian Wright in the process. It’s payback.

Harsh but probably true.

Greg1882, We Are the Rangers Boys…

swp phillips has nothing about him any more, seems to run into people, cant pass to a team mate and his finishing is dreadfull. His confidence is shattered and can only see him getting worse the more bad games he has although that is hard to imagine at the moment. Must have some magical hold on hughes to keep getting picked

Micky, QPR…

I’m beginning to question whether SWP is taking revenge against the club for the racist incident with Ian Wright a few years ago.

BUSHRANGER1982, We Are the Rangers Boys…

even I wouldn’t have been worse than SWP today.
If only one thing finishes Mark Hughes at QPR, it will be his stubborness in playing SWP ahead of Hoilett.

W12Allstars, QPR…

Lots of players are underperforming but I’ve been querying SWP’s selection for a while now. We’ve got better options who sometimes aren’t getting a game. That’s the sort of thing that worries me…

stanistheman, We Are the Rangers Boys…

SWP offers nothing to the side anymore. When he fist arrive he ran at players and tools few shots, but now he runs into players, slows down play and his shots are way off target. He will cost Hughes his job if the manager does not drop him.

Megsdad, QPR…

Ive given up hating SWP. I now dont blame him i blame Hughes for constantly picking him even though he does fack all during the game.

Last season, i think it was the Fulham game, i lept up out of my seat and gave a torrent of abuse to SWP and nearly burst a blood vessel. As i sat down even my pals were looking at me like id finally lost the plot but i had had enough of the little weasel. He like some others in the squad are earning ludicrous ammounts of wedge and are not proving anywhere near value for money. In fact we should be suing these players under the trades discriptions act.

I am also starting to suspect ‘Agent Hughes’ as my Fulham mate keeps texting me, might just be that.

scuberry, We Are the Rangers Boys…

He will be the first name on the teamsheet for Everton whilst Hoilett will sit on the bench and Tony Fernandes will say trust in Mark he knows what he is doing,stability is the key !!

Montag, QPR

He cost us the game with his appalling miss. Till today, I defended him. No more.

RussRanger, We Are the Rangers Boys...

Must admit, he's been given a lot of chances to perform and hasn't delivered. Think it would be best for him and QPR to part ways in January so he can have a fresh start somewhere else. Also agree, that Hoillet offers us more and is more of a threat so wouldn't be missed or have to be replaced with another signing so a win-win for all parties.

r in frisco, QPR

I am going to start playing a (and in the early morning's mostly at that) drinking game where every time he gets the ball and bombs up the side only to trip up or get dispossessed, I have to do a shot of Powers. I imagine I will be loopy out of my head by half time. Better than watching this crap sober though.

In his defence...

Esox Lucius, QPR

He gives the 'fans' an easy scapegoat, that's for sure. I have seen all our league matches except the Spuds which I watched on a stream and Hoilett is no better than SWP thus far. Maybe it is because he needs game time but SWP would have been in the team ahead of Hill, Ferdinand and possibly M'Bia yesterday in terms of who was making life easiest for WBA. I wouldn't have him in team for his crossing and shooting but I suppose Lonk sees his tracking runners, making crucial defensive tackles and breaking out of defence with the ball as something the 'plan' needs.

I am not beyond criticising any of the players if I feel it is required but I don't feel the need to criticise a players role in the team because he is the latest scapegoat. We need a fit back four of Fabio/ Traoré, Nelsen, Bosingwa and maybe Onohua or a new one in the window because yesterdays back four was woefully inadequate and left exposed by most of the midfield EXCEPT SWP. Adel tried to provide cover but it was barely worth it. M'Bia failed countless times to provide cover. Granero was over run a lot of the time by their midfield and only really operates in the central third unless it is from a set piece. Park is industrious, skillful but unambitious.

Do you think Shaun Wright-Phillips deserves any more chances, QPR fans? Have your say in the comments section below...


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