Blackburn fans react to Henning Berg sacking, debate Mark Hughes as successor

Opinion » Blackburn fans react to Henning Berg sacking, debate Mark Hughes as successor

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Ewood Park
Ewood… Though, wouldn’t E? (Img: Peter Bonnett)


Football Burp stopped in at Blackburn Rovers message boards Rovers Talk, and RoversMad to see what the Ewood Park faithful had to say about the sacking of Henning Berg, and whether it would be wise to entrust the reins to a certain former player and manager recently, er, ‘made available’…

Ethiaa, Rovers Talk…

When Kean shows more tactical understanding than you, you’re in the wrong job.


Sad for Berg—–one of my all-time heroes.Still a legend to me.Never will get the chance to bring his own team in now will he?However, even sadder for my team who are owned by morons and who have done 10 years damage in 2.

Their absolute last chance to get something right and put us back on the right track.

Not holding my breath for the next 5 weeks. Venkys seem incapable of realising or acknowledging that their terrible management leads to disastrous consequences which in turn leads to even more negative outcomes.

For example, if its impossible to attract the right candidate for the job, it will be because no-one any good wants to risk working for them.

God save us if we end up with Singh and Ali—–because no-one else can.

Darth Rover, Rovers Talk…

The ultimate fuck up has been Venky’s. Pity they didn’t sack themselves and that fucking goon Singh. The blame is not Berg’s but the continuation of Venky’s dabbling in something they haven’t got a fucking clue about. Oh well who will be dumb enough to work for this set of idiots now.


What an absolute disaster this appointment has been. I don’t even think the most pessimistic of us believed it would go quite this badly for Berg. If he is gone then in a way I’m glad, as such a short stint isn’t going to ruin the memories I have of him as one of our great players. Much longer in charge and I think it would do.

Venky’s meanwhile continue their tradition of handling such situations with no class or professionalism. They make me sick. Balaji’s quote of “I want to go up” is laughable. We wouldn’t need to try and “go up” in the first place if you hadn’t sacked a perfectly competent manager two years ago you stupid fat cretin.

If Berg is gone I wonder if Shebby’s position is under threat? 5 weeks to make an appointment of a manager that’s ended up with a far worse Championship record than Steve Kean is pretty pathetic. Hopefully Shebby is keaned off as well and he can slink back to Malaysia and go back to being ridiculed as a know-nothing pundit with no connection whatsoever to Blackburn Rovers.

Rover the Moon, Rovers Talk…

About bloody time and for once the correct decision to sweep all the loser coaches out at the same time. Sadly they didn’t sweep out Shaw, Agnew and Singh so they’ll just employ another useless fool and sign totally the wrong kind of players we need.

Surely Singh should also carry the can???

Circus Ewood. Its a disgrace


Surely this is the last chance to get it right. They need to get an experienced manager in and need to do it quick as we can’t rely on Black etc stepping up when they have already been told they have no future at the club anyway. Hope it’s Hughes, but apart from him there were loads of good candidates last time so pick 1 and get them in this week.

dwayne cage, Rovers Talk…

I personally think it’s great that the board have finally acted swiftly. Hope it doesn’t so long to find another “right” candidate again.


Now if only they’d been this decisive and prompt when the bald liar was here…

We’d still be in the Premiership.

However, we now must, must, must appoint an experienced man who knows how to achieve promotion.
No fannying around this time.

Roverdose, RoversMad…

Mark Hughes is the ONLY option. It’s him or nothing for me. Will he work for these lot though? Not a bloody chance!!

He’s a man who needs to restore a bit of pride about his profession, not be made an even bigger laughing stock.

Cheerio Rovers

Champs95, RoversMad…

Hughes would be worse than the rest of them. He would require lots and lots of money to carry out a really poor job like at QPR. His stock as a manager is at an all time. I think hed be better off managing Wales again.

Armchair, RoversMad…

He isn’t the answer…the derogatory remarks he made about the club on his departure left a bitter taste in my mouth.
But regardless of that it would be a backwards step and just, perhaps , a quick fix.
This appointment has to be exactly right not a temporary stop gap.
Whether that happens is going to be speculative to say the least…
But I have a sinking feeling the circus is just going to continue.

SuperPato10, RoversMad…

Can’t see Mark Hughes taking the job, who the fook would work with the Venkys and have their career ruined.

You know

Who would you like to see replace Henning Berg, Blackburn fans? Have your say in the comments section below…


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