Blackburn 3-1 Fulham: View from the message boards…

Opinion » Blackburn 3-1 Fulham: View from the message boards…

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Who cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news: Football Burp collates choice message board analysis so you don’t have to! Here’s what Blackburn Rovers and Fulham fans had to say in response to Steve Kean’s ten-man side triumphing 3-1 at Ewood Park on Saturday…



“A really good spirited performance with some toughness and solidarity which augers well for the rest of the season. Out of the last four league games we have had three really good performances and I feel that we have played differently in these by playing a more counter attacking game. Circumstances dictated that we played that way yesterday but I do feel that, with the players we have we are far more suited to playing on the break. Until the sending off yesterday we seemed too ponderous going forward but in the second half particuarly we attacked with pace and purpose. Yesterday (and two out of the previous three games) have given me some hope as I had previously written us off. I wil be delighted to be proved wrong.” – arbitro

“Great result yesterday…first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed watching Rovers. Seemed to make a big difference in the style with the fact that Samba was not playing…hardly any long ball ? But, talking of Samba, how on earth does Kean have the nerve to come out with the rubbish he spouted yesterday about him going to hospital for tests when there are pictures on social media of him out shopping in Manchester ? Yet more lies ! I just wish the club would just start telling the truth !” – BigDom

From Rovers Talk…

“Awesome performance and once again we shown good determination and defended well for the majority of the match. The whole defense performed well, Hanley and Givet did really well plus Lowe blocked alot of attempted crosses and had a solid game, good to see Olsson back and put in a good shift. The midfield was really good…all tracking back when needed and focusing the passing a bit more through the middle which had is benefits evidence of that was our 3rd awesome goal! Seeing the Yak get the red was not good as I thought we would crumble then but the boys shown great resolve and put in an awesome performance! Bit in 2 minds about the red granted it was high and dangerous but the ball was in mid air and it was considered a 50/50 challenge…if we went on to lose the game I would not be so reserved but we got the result in the end so happy days! Thought Petrovic getting subbed was harsh but Kean had to make the change for the balance of the team but up till then Petrovic was looking good he made some nice challenges along with some nice cross field passes but totally understand the sub. My MOTM was NZonzi, was a tough one to decide but thought he passed the ball more positively and did not ALWAYS go backwards with his passing like he usually does and the assist for the 3rd goal was awesome so my vote is with him. Could this be a possible turning point…we have had so many opportunities to build on good results for us to only go and bottle it in the next game so I ain’t counting my chickens but performances are getting better and were putting them in more consistently…just hope it ain’t to late! COME ON ROVERS” – CMG_BBR

“Great result today to go with performance. Sky sports are making a lot of the fact that we will be without Yakubu for three games. Maybe Kean was right we do need another striker. I think Chris Samba has played his last game for Rovers. Encouraging thing is it showed today we can win without him so not the end of the world. Hoilett did well today but maybe a shop window display. Like before when we have won we need to back it up with another good result and put together a run of good results which will at least give us a chance of staying in the premier league. For once am looking forward to Everton away and hopefully a new striker who can do a Jonathon Stead and a central defender who can be the new Colin Hendry. Samba as we all know will be back with us within two years.” – behind enemy lines

What did you think, Blackburn fans? Have your say in the comments section below…

Steven_N'Zonzi had a good game for Blackburn Rovers against Fulham
N'Zonzi… Eeeeeyyyyy! (Image Ronnie Macdonald)


From Cottage Corner…

“Looking at the team it was a very attacking format but left Danny with too much to do, watching the highlights we looked to defend poorly with little or no backtracking, which is highly unusual from CD and MD. You cant leave Danny Murphy in the middle on his own and had Steve Sidwell or Etuhu played I think we would have seen a different result.” – Bill2

“Having had time to reflect & having seen the MOTD highlights…Whislt the team failed miserabley to put the 10 men under severe pressure (especially as the sending off was so ealy in the game) we all know that sometimes playing against 10 is more difficult than it should be. Blackburn were “up for it” & we weren’t. As fairly usual for us,we didn’t get the rub of the green. Bobby thumps one against the woodwork,Senderos has a marvellous header superbly saved & Demps has a goal disallowed for offside. It all could (& should) have been so different but with our away hoodoo as well it was of course very Fulhamish. Very annoying,indeed maddening & as ever the question is what will the response from the players be next match. Of course dumping one or two (will we ever be able to do that?) & getting some new faces IN during January wouldn’t go amiss – the month as usual is flying by & we haven’t blinked yet!” – Another Vic Halom love child

“The midfield was horribly unbalanced to start with. It’s not a case of too defensive or too attacking it’s about having the right balance. We get the gift of Yakubu sent off and then Dembele’s injury means he can bring on Sidwell to set us up properly. But of course Jol doesn’t do that and we throw away 3 points to relegation rivals who’ve got only 10 men for 70 minutes. And NO it is NEVER a disadvantage to play against 10 men! We wouldn’t have beaten Liverpool or Arsenal if they’d kept 11 on the pitch.” – Graham Galliford

What did you think, Fulham fans? Have your say in the comments section below…

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