Man Utd to start drawing conclusions as well as matches

"Maybe we should start asking why this keeps happening," says Mourinho.

Moyes slaps down misogyny accusations over controversial new rap lyrics

Sunderland boss's new album causing quite the stir.

Brendan Rodgers commissions commemorative 80ft statue of himself

Celtic boss celebrates SPL triumph in inimitable style.

Koeman and O’Neill finalise plans to meet up and shout at each other

Everton and Republic of Ireland bosses agree on "verbal straightener".

Berahino: “Someone said ‘here, drink this’ and when I woke up I was in Stoke”

Potters to be investigated over alleged druggings of other high-profile signings.

Cristiano Ronaldo statue comes to life, terrorises downtown Madeira

Botched effigy on murderous rampage after electrical storm or something.

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lallana slips on banana

Fruit-based mishap sees Liverpool midfielder incur thigh injury.

There will still be international breaks after Brexit, clarifies Theresa May

PM admits she underestimated numbers of people under mistaken impression.

“How the hell is this international break only halfway through?” screams man

"Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh!" he adds.