Neymar play acting unappreciated by Scottish philistines

The Barcelona star gave a Brechtian representation of human suffering as a satirical response to Scott Brown's half-hearted Riverdance.

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Culture in Glasgow is under scrutiny after an impromptu display of Neymar play acting was met with a chorus of boos at a packed Celtic Park last night.

The Barcelona star, virtuoso, gave a Brechtian representation of human suffering as a satirical response to Scott Brown’s half-hearted attempt at a Riverdance.

However, the performance, described as “transcendent” in most quarters, drew only catcalls from the watching Bhoys faithful.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Lord Provost of Glasgow Sadie Docherty expressed concern at her city’s falling standards with regards appreciation of the arts.

She said: “Glasgow was the European Capital of Culture for 1990, and that is the level we should be aspiring to at all times.

“It’s not often your city is privy to something as prestigious and widely regarded as Neymar play acting, so it horrifies me to have seen it so roundly and boorishly rejected.

“I thought we were back on the right track with Rangers’ meticulous adaptation of Macbeth, but now it looks like we’re back to square one.

“This leaves me with little choice but to organise a drama festival. I think Georgios Samaras has an amphitheatre in his back garden.”

A spokesperson for the Celtic Supporters Clubs hit back at Docherty, pointing out that the Neymar play acting “lacked subtlety” and “failed to adequately reflect the human condition”.

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