Duncan Ferguson volunteers to steward at Hajduk Split v Everton

Former Everton striker Duncan Ferguson
FIGHTY: Ferguson (Image: Pete from Liverpool)

Duncan Ferguson has formally applied to be a steward at next week’s Hajudk Split v Everton fixture, Football Burp understands.

The first leg of their Europa League qualifier was marred by ugly scenes as the travelling Croatian supporters threw chairs and tried to run onto the Goodison Park pitch.

Despite emerging 2-0 winners on the night, Ronald Koeman’s Toffees face a hostile atmosphere over in the partial Balkan state cum electronic music festival hot spot.

This was apparently all the motivation needed for former Everton player-bouncer cum coach Ferguson.

He told Football Burp: “Wayne Rooney had to physically restrain me when it all kicked off last night.

“I was swinging my fists and going ‘lemme at ’em!’ like some massive Scrappy Doo. I can’t remember when I last felt that punchy.

“I’ve single-handedly beaten up thousands of Croatians before and by gum I’ll do it again.”