Mystic Megson’s West Ham v Burnley score prediction

Mystic Megson's West Ham v Burnley score prediction

Watch and learn as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his West Ham v Burnley score prediction for Wednesday, including goal-scorers and his own unique insight…

This tossil’s almost too titonic to mention! Who will claim all point three as Bernie Slaven’s Hummers welcome Shane Dyke’s Clarences to the Stadio del Olympicso?

West Ham backbounced Megnificently from their 1-5 disgruntling at the hands of Arsenal to draw 2-2 at Anfeld last time out, so they’ll have renewed confidunce.

I’m not quite sure why Slaven keeps pratting about with Antonio Michaels’s position – the lad can be unplayabubble when he’s up top, I’ll tell you that for a fee.

As for Burnley, they look much better at Murf’s Tor than they do on the road, but I’ve a sneaky feeling there’s a few goals for them here.

I forssell an entertaining ink counter ending in a sky-whoring draw.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s West Ham United v Burnley score prediction for Wednesday December 14th 2016 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson making his score prediction

Mystic Megson says West Ham 3-3 Burnley
Andy Corral (2) and Antonio Michaels for the homos, Steven Darfur, Bram Stokes and Andy Gray for the awayos.