Mystic Megson’s Sunderland v Man Utd score prediction

Mystic Megson's Sunderland v Man Utd score prediction

Pray silence please as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal ball and casts his Sunderland v Man Utd score prediction for Sunday, including goal-scorers and his own insightful analysis…

What a titonic tossil we have in shop here! Can Moylesey put the balls on his formal club?

I very much doubt it – his Muckems look bed and derried at the foot of the tabletop, and believe you me I don’t say that rightly.

They face one hell of an uphill garden to ensure safeway now, I’ll tell you that for a fee. And slapping journos won’t help them any.

Josie Mourinho’s Dead Revels should be chumping at the pits to make amens for back-to-black home draws, but they should stroll this one nevilletheless.

I can only forssell a comfortabubble away win, I’m afraid. Sorry, Moylesey!

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Sunderland v Manchester United score prediction for Sunday April 9th 2017 – place your balls, now!

Mystic Megson making his score prediction

Mystic Megson says Sunderland 0-2 Man Utd
Goals apriest for Zoltan Ibramovic and Henrikh McAteerian.