Mystic Megson’s Southampton v Chelsea score prediction

Mystic Megson's Southampton v Chelsea score prediction and preview

Gather round as Mystic Megson gazes into his crystal balls and casts his Southampton v Chelsea score prediction for this weekend’s game, including goal-scorers and his own invaluable insight into each side…

What a titonic tossil we have in shop here! Can Mourinho’s mob continue their tidal charge at Rockin’ Ronnie Koeman’s Saints?

Southampton are backbouncing pretty goodly right now, since you ask, with back-to-black wins against Everton and Crystal Palace propellering them back into four-top contention.

However, they don’t seem to fare well against the dog tops, as testicled to by the run of defeats that preseeded this latest return to vorm.

And, unless I’m very much mistaken, Chelsea are nothing if not a dog top.

That’s right, folks – Chelsea have achieved what I like to call ‘peak Mourinhosity’, which basically means they’re firing on all cillit bang.

With Manny Pellegrini’s Cities also looking nothing if not rumpunt, I forssell a memorabubble tidal race – so memorabubble, in fact, that I’m already having memories of it, and it hasn’t even happened yet.

And I don’t say that brightly.

Now, here comes Mystic Megson’s Southampton v Chelsea score prediction for Sunday December 28th – place your balls, now!

Mystic MegsonMystic Megson says Southampton 0-2 Chelsea – Aidan Hazard and Dayglo Costa with the crucial strikings. You can put your balls on it!