Published On: Wed, 3rd Apr 2013

The best Víctor Valdés jokes after Barcelona concede late against Paris Saint-Germain

Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés after conceding a late goal against PSG, the Víctor Valdés jokes are in...

Valdés… Sad, but also a source of amusement (Image: Twitter/@BarzaMorocco)

A dramatic night in the Champions League was completed last night as Paris Saint-Germain snatched a quarter-final first leg draw against Barcelona thanks to a late goal from Blaise Matuidi.

Having failed to prevent the Zlatan Ibrahimović-assisted strike finding the bottom left corner of the net, Barcelona’s stand-in goalkeeper Víctor Valdés has suffered the ridicule of Twitter users.

See the best Víctor Valdés jokes below:

Víctor Valdés jokes after the late PSG equaliser

BONUS: Víctor Valdés jokes before the second PSG goal

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