The best VAR jokes after lengthy interventions in West Brom’s FA Cup win at Liverpool

Interruptions and big decisions.

There were all sorts of VAR jokes and tweets after all the interruptions of West Brom's 2-3 FA Cup win at Liverpool
The Video Assistant Referees

Numerous interruptions and game-changing decisions in West Brom’s FA Cup fourth round win at Liverpool on Saturday brought the debate about the use of Video Assistant Referees once again to the fore.

The visitors’ success at Anfield may have finished with an entirely different scoreline had it not been for referee Craig Pawson constantly consulting the replay system.

As the delays look set to continue, these are the best of the VAR jokes from West Brom 2-3 Liverpool:

VAR guy is revealed. #LIVWBA pic.twitter.com/MonEM6uzRk

— Doolan 9™ (@Doolan9) January 27, 2018

“This VAR timeout is brought to you by Budweiser”

That’s the next step.

— Warren Thorne (@Thornickle) January 27, 2018

VAR is like waiting for for your GF to get ready, it always takes a little bit too long but when you see her and she looks decent you just get on with it.

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) January 27, 2018

VAR the worst piece of unnecessary technology in a place it doesn't belong since the 'Share on Facebook' button on PornHub.

— Tom (@0ASlS) January 27, 2018

VAR is the football equivalent of the bore who sits behind you in the cinema who, during a really exciting film says, "Hmm. This film is set in 1983 but they didn't actually introduce that rolling stock on the railways until 1987."

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) January 27, 2018

Can't wait for the VAR Update on FIFA 18. If my mum calls me for tea when a decision is being made I can finish eating and come back before the game restarts.

— J ♧ s h (@MattRichtea) January 27, 2018

so finally a positive thing about Scottish football having no money.. we'll never have to put up with VAR

— SPFL Banter *** (@splbanter) January 27, 2018

Craig Pawson’s wife is on the phone asking what he wants for supper. He’s gone to VAR. #LIVWBA

— Mike Curry (@PerpetualDismay) January 27, 2018

CONFIRMED: VAR confirms that Joel Matip is shite.

— Coral (@Coral) January 27, 2018

Craig Pawson now consulting VAR to find out if it is actually half-time.

— Si Lloyd (@SmnLlyd5) January 27, 2018

VAR has stopped more goals for Liverpool than Mignolet and Karius combined this season. pic.twitter.com/OoUmK7wB5z

— EPL Bible (@EPLBible) January 27, 2018

VAR was Liverpool’s mystery signing.

— – (@AnfieldRd96) January 27, 2018

Liverpool’s starting XI right now #FACup #WBA #LIVWBA #VAR pic.twitter.com/k3YT61JyYj

— Northern Irish Baggies (@NIBaggies) January 27, 2018

VAR would be nicked at #Millwall, and end up being sold for a few wraps in The Foresters.

— BermondseyBoy (@Bermondsey1885) January 27, 2018

VAR: Behind the scenes. pic.twitter.com/7G6oBhmsEw

— Goal (@goal) January 27, 2018

“VAR is ruining the game” tweets 25 year old Bjørn from Stockholm on his iPad after spending £600 on his ticket via Thomas Cook

— Ant Campbell (@acampbell68) January 27, 2018

Liverpool replaced Coutinho with VAR, and they're still getting legged by 78-year-old Gareth Barry.

— Oumar God (@ViewFromGwladys) January 27, 2018

Unconfirmed reports that having used VAR three times at Anfield, Craig Pawson will take home the match monitor. pic.twitter.com/K1W4TjLBXK

— bet365 (@bet365) January 27, 2018

Que Sera, Ser VAR. whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see…unless it’s confirmed by the referee…using the VAR TV.

— MUFCTransfers (@_MUFCTransfers_) January 27, 2018


Can you imagine scoring a goal under Pulis then having it wiped out by VAR? Ffs

— Paul Slater (@SlatePaul) January 27, 2018

The best thing to do with VAR is …… pic.twitter.com/2V2Si0NDKt

— Lee Armstrong (@UncleSock) January 27, 2018

whos this VAR fella everyone hates

— kor (@biackett) January 27, 2018