The best van Persie header memes & jokes after Spain goal

The best Robin van Persie header memes and jokes after his spectacular equalising goal during the Netherlands 5-1 win against Spain at Brazil 2014.

By Thomas Joseph

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Robin van Persie header memes and jokes were everywhere after this man's stunning goal for the Netherlands against Spain at Brazil 2014
The Flying Dutchman (Image: Florian K)

All the best Robin van Persie header memes and jokes after his fantastic goal against Spain as the Netherlands thrashed the current World Cup holders 5-1.


An inspired finish and a dramatic final score means the Dutch are the talk of the town.

And the Manchester United striker is the centre of attention following his spectacular diving header equaliser.

Don’t miss the best Robin van Persie header memes and jokes from the Netherlands 5-1 win against Spain:

Still image of Van Persie's Golazo against Spain pic.twitter.com/7Inra4WJhC

— Doug Nichols (@TheTXI) June 13, 2014

Van persie hit that header like pic.twitter.com/MV7y9iQ2J9

— Tyler Settle (@tylersettle) June 13, 2014

Man Utd fans react to the van Persie header . pic.twitter.com/a9uCIQdBSX

— Sunday League (@SundayShoutsFC) June 13, 2014

Is that van persie I see pic.twitter.com/1DuSCRfjY2

— Soccer Players FC ™ (@FCsoccerplayers) June 13, 2014

And now, a friend for #ZlatanFish: meet #RobinFairy. @KICKTV @JimmyConrad pic.twitter.com/dyTOYRXXDQ

— Cass (@cassgabe7) June 13, 2014

Van Persie owns Spain. And Brazil. And #WorldCup. pic.twitter.com/QkdPJznbDo

— Aleksi Valavuori (@Valavuori) June 13, 2014

Van persie to the rescue pic.twitter.com/QvOlSGiJEG

— Soccer Players FC ™ (@FCsoccerplayers) June 13, 2014

Brilliant! Robin 'Rob Van Dam' Van Persie with the 5* frog splash. pic.twitter.com/nO4SRoooZA

— FourFourTweet (@FourFourTweet) June 13, 2014

@KICKTV pic.twitter.com/96DS85Hh3I

— Shehroz (@YUNG_SHERI) June 13, 2014

RANDY ORTON WITH THE RKO ON ROBIN VAN PERSIE! #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/SwCH9eqlVo

— RybackRAGE (@RybackRAGE) June 13, 2014

. @KICKTV #FairyRVP is in with #Robben . Thanks for the inspiration @cassgabe7 #flyingdutchman pic.twitter.com/e4bOPI2Nyf

— Mikko Toivonen (@minieerikki) June 13, 2014

@KICKTV pic.twitter.com/sarrUsyJe7

— Michael Brundis (@mBRUNDI) June 13, 2014

@JimmyConrad @KICKTV Wait spain it's only the first game!! #RVP #flyingdutchman pic.twitter.com/dGx7u0X2zn

— Guillermo David (@memo_pdavid) June 13, 2014

Great shot of RvP in mid air for the goal…#BrazilNuts pic.twitter.com/Z2PdX67V7A

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 13, 2014

REDBULL GIVES YOU WINGS #spainvsnetherlands pic.twitter.com/XlVlBaFWME

— niall ¤ HOLLAND (@xashtcnirwin) June 13, 2014

We slayed if you wanted or not, 5-1 #spainvsnetherlands pic.twitter.com/EjAcu26m37

— Mar | 11 (@iadorethecraic) June 13, 2014

Who needs Batman when you have Robin? pic.twitter.com/6UmOMmnGrU #spainvsnetherlands @Persie_Official

— Khalid Alkhudair (@Khalidalkhudair) June 13, 2014

Flappy RVP. #spainvsnetherlands #VanPersie pic.twitter.com/ELDZ1ilY9E

— Dawood Muzammil (@MUTillDeath) June 13, 2014