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The best suggestions for #ThingsSuarezCantDo during suspension

Maybe this is one of the  #ThingsSuarezCantDo during his 4 month ban from football-related activity

As Luis Suárez is suspended from all football-related activity for four months for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, check out the best of the suggestions for #ThingsSuarezCantDo.


Not even allowed to train with Liverpool for the early part of next season, many are speculating as to what exactly the Uruguay star is prevented from doing.

We’ve collected the best of the #ThingsSuarezCantDo tweets below:

#ThingsSuarezCantDo Play FIFA for four months

— Deano Larkin (@DeanooLarkin) June 26, 2014

#ThingsSuarezCantDo pic.twitter.com/2MgJq9Nk8l

— MatchPint (@MatchPint) June 26, 2014

#ThingsSuarezCantDo Collect Panini stickers..

— TheLADBible (@TheLadBible) June 26, 2014

#ThingsSuarezCantDo watch 'own goals and gaffes'

— Yevhen (@Eugene_Jeffers) June 26, 2014

use his new kickmaster to practice his keepy uppys

— Tom Lewis (@TomLewis1991) June 26, 2014

#ThingsSuarezCantDo Queue up for the new Football Manager @TheLadBible

— Jonathan Eckersley (@JonnyEckersley) June 26, 2014

#ThingsSuarezCantDo Give someone's ball back when it goes in his garden @TheLadBible

— TLB Writers (@TLBWriters) June 26, 2014

@TheLadBible #thingssuarezcantdo play Premier League Top Trumps

— Jack Buchanan (@jackbuchanan95) June 26, 2014

@TheLadBible watch Dream Team.

— Michael Vaughan (@Mike_Vaughan) June 26, 2014

Sleep in his World Cup duvet and curtain set #ThingsSuarezCantDo

— James Galvin (@thegalviniser) June 26, 2014

@TheLadBible keepy upies with a balloon at children party's

— Damian Haigh (@haighdamian) June 26, 2014

@TheLadBible play the Kick It Pro arcade game #ThingsSuarezCantDo pic.twitter.com/4KHRm4aQx0

— James Campbell (@jcampbelljav) June 26, 2014

@TheLadBible @LadHumour sing the UEFA champions league song

— Haydn (@haydnrussell) June 26, 2014

Is Luis Suarez allowed to watch the games tonight? #ThingsSuarezCantDo

— Coral (@Coral) June 26, 2014

press 401-405 on his sky remote.

— rob (@RobCookson) June 26, 2014