The best Suárez to Chelsea & Suárez to Arsenal jokes

Jokes » The best Suárez to Chelsea & Suárez to Arsenal jokes

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Luis Suárez in a Chelsea shirt, one of the best Suárez to Chelsea & Suárez to Arsenal jokes
Could it happen? (Image: Twitter/db_bad)

The Luis Suárez transfer rumours have been swirling spectacularly this weekend, first it was Suárez to Chelsea and then Suárez to Arsenal after reports that Liverpool had rejected a £30 million bid for the striker from the north London club.

Even the Leader of the Free World is bothered:

Last night: Suarez to Arsenal trended, Tonight, Suarez to Chelsea trended.

— Anfield Road (@LiverpoolMemes) July 4, 2013

As is tradition, jokes have been cracked on Twitter over the past few days and we’ve collected the best of them for your pleasure.


The best Luis Suárez to Chelsea jokes

Suarez to Chelsea; Ivanovic: are you serious? ??

— Isabel Ballack ? (@IsaBallack) July 4, 2013

Just seen Luis Suárez and John Terry speaking together in Knightsbridge..maybe he is moving to CFC.

— Memz Dogi (@Memz_Dogi) July 4, 2013


— Isabel Ballack ? (@IsaBallack) July 4, 2013

Suarez speaks to Ivanovic after rumours he may move to #CFC

— David CFC (@db_bad) July 5, 2013

Ivanovic's thoughts on 'Suarez to Chelsea. #CFC #LFC

— Transfer Sources (@TransferSources) July 4, 2013

Ivanovic to Suarez: Every breath you take, move you make, step you take, game you play, I'll be watching you…

— Isabel Ballack ? (@IsaBallack) July 4, 2013

"Suarez is going to Chelsea"

— LFC Fans Corner (@LFCFansCorner) July 5, 2013

Luis Suarez in a Chelsea shirt. #CFC

— Haris (@TheChels_Debate) July 4, 2013

RT if you don't want to see this! #CFC #Suarez

— David CFC (@db_bad) July 6, 2013

Let's remind ourselves about Suarez & hope the rumour about him coming to the Bridge is just that >

— Mark Worrall (@gate17marco) July 4, 2013

The best Luis Suárez to Arsenal jokes after £30m bid

"@UKILFC: How about we agree a fee for Suarez and send this guy instead to @Arsenal?" Let's deal.

— Anfield Online (@anfieldonline) July 7, 2013

£30m for Suarez?

— MrBoywunder (@MrBoywunder) July 7, 2013

"@SkyBet: Luis Suarez has moved from 20/1 to 7/2 to join Arsenal following a run of bets," <—-

— Blame Suárez (@Blame_Suarez) July 3, 2013

I bet Patrice Evra put that bet on, he hates Suarez as much as he hates Arsenal.

— Andrew Allen (@AAllenSport) July 3, 2013

Arsenal bidding £30M for Suarez LOOL .. Go home your drunk

— ReD (@Alfie_Tyler) July 7, 2013

"Arsenal bid £30 million for Luis Suarez"

— LFC Fans Corner (@LFCFansCorner) July 7, 2013

Arsenal bid £30 million for Luis Suarez:

— Anfield Road (@LiverpoolMemes) July 7, 2013

£30m for Luis Suarez?

— Rise Of The Kop (@RiseOfTheKop) July 7, 2013

Topical Suárez transfer tweets

Liverpool ''would you consider a move to Chelsea are arsenal?'' Suarez….

— TTN LFC (@TheTopNewsLFC) July 6, 2013

When Suarez realises he is going to have to stay at Anfield

— Currie (@Davrinho) July 2, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive pictures of Liverpool's replacement for Luis Suarez #SSN #LFC


Brash Suárez bonus

Suarez Celebration gone wrong

— Genius Football (@GeniusFootball) July 6, 2013

That's a Suarez

— Genius Football (@GeniusFootball) July 5, 2013

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