The best Neymar jokes from German semi-final disaster

Jokes » The best Neymar jokes from German semi-final disaster

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Playing for Brazil at World Cup 2014, the subject of the Neymar jokes from the hosts' semi-final loss to Germany
POWERLESS: Neymar (Image: Agência Brasil)

A selection of Neymar jokes from Brazil’s devastating 1-7 World Cup defeat to Germany that the hosts’ star striker was forced to miss due to injury.


He must have been watching in despair as his team-mates shipped goals at an alarming rate in the first-half of the tragic semi-final…

These are the best Neymar jokes from Brazil 1-7 Germany:

Neymar's back must have been more important than everyone thought #GER v #BrazilvsGermany

— Adam Gabbatt (@adamgabbatt) July 8, 2014

If I were a #BRA player not named Neymar, I would go into the witness protection program. #BRAvsGER

— Ben Parr (@benparr) July 8, 2014

Well, the good news is #Neymar won't have to worry about missing the final. #BRAGER #WorldCup

— Derrick N Ashong (@DNAtv) July 8, 2014

Thank god Neymar isnt alive to see this. #BrazilvsGermany

— Spoons (@The_BoomDowg) July 8, 2014



Neymar be like: "I'm okay coach! Put me in!!"

— Efõ Shepherd Pïdho ? (@Pidho1) July 8, 2014

So many bad jokes about #BrazilvsGermany right now. I can't take it an neymar.

— NO CHILL (@NOCHILLMAO) July 8, 2014

Brazil are bringing Neymar on

— Jeremy Vine (@theJeremyVine) July 8, 2014

Well that Neymar tribute charity game went well loads of goals may he rest in peace #PrayForNeymar #BrazilvsGermany

— Paul Ifill (@PaulIfill) July 8, 2014

Neymar be like "thank god i'm escaped from a gang bang"

— Mr. BEAN (@comicbean) July 8, 2014

Neymar watching the game earlier like..

— Sunday League Footy (@SundayChants) July 8, 2014

Neymar passing his teammates after the game like.

— Transfer Sources (@TransferSources) July 8, 2014



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  • angela

    So much fuss about Brazil and they were destroyed by Germany . I think Brazil will remain in the history as one of the poorest teams in the history of World Cups despite the advantage of playing at home. I feel sorry for the people of Brazil particularly the less privileged ones who not only will suffer from the investment made by the country in an event which was a real fiasco for the country. They seem to be concerned about the Germans because following the humilliation by Germany many of them supported Germany in the Final . Also the Brazilian Manager gave a present to the German one .They were absolutely useless . Congratulations to Argentina , these players were wonderful and created more chances than Germany. The good thing was that unlike Brazil the rest of Latin America showed loyalty to the Continent and strongly supported the Argies in the Final.. Sorry Brazil but you got what you deserve!!!

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