The best Newcastle relegation jokes as Sunderland win condemns them to the Championship

Jokes » The best Newcastle relegation jokes as Sunderland win condemns them to the Championship

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Newcastle relegation jokes were popular after it was confirmed that they will play in the Championship next season
TAKING THE FLAGS HOME: Newcastle United (Image: Ardfern)

These are the best Newcastle relegated jokes as Sunderland’s 3-0 win over Everton on Wednesday night ensured they’d be playing in the Championship next season.

A slight resurgence under new manager Rafael Benítez was not enough to keep the club in the Premier League and they now face the next campaign in a lower division with a high wage bill after splashing out on players this season.

Here are all the best Newcastle relegation jokes after their fate was confirmed with one game left to play:

#NUFC status.

— KICK (@KICK) 11 May 2016

All together now…#NUFC

— David Foster (@Dfozzy1970) 11 May 2016

Hello darkness, my old friend. #nufc

— Noa Bachner (@noabachner) 11 May 2016

As it stands, Newcastle will be relegated.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 11 May 2016

Remind me again… #nufc

— My Old Man Said (@oldmansaid) 11 May 2016

Dead 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 sorry Newcastle but this killed me. #UTB

— Jessica Daley (@jessicacaca7) 11 May 2016

That's Rafa Benitez on a zero hour contract in the morning. Poor sod #NUFC #SAFC

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) 11 May 2016

Down with the Villa, you're going down with the Villa #AVFC #NUFC

— Matty (@Bacxna) 11 May 2016

Newcastle going down like…

— 3rd Eye (@3rdEyeNot) 11 May 2016

"We've gotta go to Burton Albion & get a result and I tell ya I would love it, love it if we beat them" #nufc #safc

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) 11 May 2016

Ex-#NUFC chairman Freddy Shepherd made this bold statement on the show in February.

Get the 'For Sale' sign up…

— Alan Brazil (@SportsBreakfast) 11 May 2016

Which way is the Championship, Alan? #CPFC #NUFC

— CPFC HQ (@CPFCHQ) 11 May 2016

Double blow for Benitez and his Newcastle side as Mike Ashley's making them work a 16-hour shift in a warehouse on minimum wage tomorrow

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) 11 May 2016

Photo of the night #NUFC

— James Hutchinson (@JamesHutch17) 11 May 2016

Perhaps Rangers can loan Newcastle some players next season😉

— Foxy (@foxster1977) 11 May 2016

Tickets on sale soon 😂 #NUFC #swans

— SCFC2 (@swansinfo) 11 May 2016

My tribute to Newcastle tonight. Piece of bread in communal garden for a MAGPIE to eat. Poignant. AF

— AZAK FEVER (@AzakFeverAFC) 11 May 2016

Jack Colback on joining Newcastle from Sunderland: "It was an easy move, I couldn't face another relegation battle".

— Football Away Days (@FBAwayDays) 11 May 2016

What do you think of Newcastle United Sam?!

— Wilson (@wilsonbwfc) 11 May 2016

In the space of 12 months, Rafa Benitez has gone from Napoli to Real Madrid to the Sky Bet Championship with Newcastle.

— TheSPORTbible (@TSBible) 11 May 2016

Rafa Benitez reacting to the news that Newcastle have been relegated..

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) 11 May 2016

Wouldn't want to be a horse in Newcastle tonight

— Old Holborn ✘ (@Holbornlolz) 11 May 2016

Haha Newcastle, that is all #relegated

— Emma Mclean (@Emsy001) 11 May 2016

Alan Shearer trying to give away Championship tickets for #NUFC next season

— Telegraph Football (@TeleFootball) 11 May 2016

If Rafa Benitez is managing Newcastle in their first game in the championship i'll get his face tattooed on me arse

— Sam (@samrufc) 11 May 2016

But how could Newcastle go down?? THEY'VE GOT A BIG GROUND!!

— ® (@Yxllop) 11 May 2016

I enjoy Newcastle away…..but I won't miss those 3000 steps to my seat

— Pat Frost (@KitmanPat) 11 May 2016

I'd say if you are a glazier in Newcastle get to bed #busydaytomorrow

— Gary murphy (@Garymurphy62) 11 May 2016


This was Mike Ashley only a year ago…

— YNFA (@ynfa_thehub) 11 May 2016

Commodoties you can win the Premier League with;

Oil ✔
Gas ✔
Lonsdale trainers❌#NUFC

— Mozferatu (@may26th1999) 11 May 2016

Six police horses have phoned in sick in Newcastle tonight

— Orrible Ives (@Orrible_Ives) 11 May 2016

Following Newcastle's relegation Sports Direct will have an "Everything must go" sale to raise funds for the £93598282 wages next season

— Football Super Tips (@FootySuperTips) 11 May 2016

Newcastle who? Nope, never heard of em mate. What league they in?

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) 11 May 2016

Trying to find a Newcastle fan in the premier league….

— Harry Hodgson (@HodgyLad) 11 May 2016

The Newcastle squad right now.

— Jonny Gabriel (@JonnyGabriel) 11 May 2016

This banner was at The Stadium Of Light tonight.. 😂 #NUFC #SAFC

— The Away Fans (@theawayfans) 11 May 2016

We'll meet again, dont know where dont know when… #Newcastle

— Steptoe (@Steptoesyard) 11 May 2016

Every single fan in that stadium on Sunday needs to look at Rafa like this … #nufc #pleasestayrafa

— Gem (@Gemma_Boyes) 11 May 2016

As if some of us have actually convinced ourselves Rafa is going to stay.. They're ringing Holloway & Warnock as we speak man #NUFC

— . (@MarkSalkeld) 11 May 2016

I'd love to go out in Newcastle tonight but my family aren't prepared for a funeral

— kevin (@kevinbarry96) 11 May 2016

Newcastle relegated

— Sellvio Berlu$coni (@Pure_Milanista) 11 May 2016

Newcastle v Leeds next year. They'll have to play it at Glastonbury just so they can get each clubs half a million season ticket holders in.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) 11 May 2016

Newcastle spending a lot of money on crap that they can't get a refund on. Anyone who has shopped at @SportsDirectUK will know how they feel

— Spirit of Mirko (@mirkobolesan) May 11, 2016


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