The best Micah Richards penalty memes & jokes after Olympiacos miss


This acrobatic miss in the International Chapions Cup against Olympiacos led to many Micah Richards penalty memes and jokes
MISSED: Micah (Image: Twitter/br_uk)

All the best Micah Richards penalty memes and jokes after the Manchester City defender’s disastrous miss against Greek side Olympiacos in a pre-season tournament.

See the howler in full and Micah’s subsequent apology below:

Micah Richards penalty! https://t.co/v97xHgzalK

— Football Vines (@FootballVines) August 2, 2014

Been taking pens all week In training and slotting but today!!!!!! Oh my oh my ?????????????????? I apologise

— Micah Richards (@MicahRichards) August 2, 2014

City crashed out of the International Champions Cup currently being held in America as the acrobatic penalty miss effectively ensured their 5-4 spot-kicks defeat after a 2-2 draw at the end of extra-time.

Twitter poked fun at the English player’s unusually powerful follow-through and came up with these Micah Richards penalty memes and jokes:

You can tell the time by a Micah Richards penalty… pic.twitter.com/cSz2MvmqlF

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 3, 2014

The aftermath of Richards penalty here! pic.twitter.com/CjFgkimTir

— Jim Pearson (@mightyjimpo) August 2, 2014

Micah Richards clearly held the shoot button down too long with his penalty

— John Bradley (@JBcommentator) August 2, 2014

Micah's penalty has just gone past our house! ?? pic.twitter.com/tilrqUcypD

— shaun hill (@shaunhill70) August 2, 2014

Making sense of Micah Richards' penalty miss: http://t.co/IpmaQVmSdo #babb

— Telegraph Football (@TeleFootball) August 3, 2014

"Greetings young Jedi, what brings you to our remote sanctuary"? "I'm searching for a Micah Richards penalty"! pic.twitter.com/LBjOK6sEjY

— Oninja (@OrigamiNinja79) August 2, 2014

@FootballFunnys #MicahRichards #DareToZlatan pic.twitter.com/KRI0QSOW8x

— Miguel Chines (@MiguelChines) August 2, 2014

Will never forgive Richards for kicking Young in the head and giving United a penalty against Villa. pic.twitter.com/HJtAYZl6uW

— John (@Dassed) August 2, 2014

Micah Richards penalty has just hit the International Space Station

— John Bradley (@JBcommentator) August 2, 2014

Even riverdance try the Micah Richards penalty kick pic.twitter.com/xvb0epEMmB

— tony (@TonySafc1973) August 3, 2014

Micah Richards is at it again… pic.twitter.com/UIt1GzJQvN

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) August 3, 2014

Lmaoo look at where micah Richards penalty kick ended up? Tf! pic.twitter.com/c0jNtc1bCr

— Somebody. (@JiggyFigure) August 3, 2014

They've just found the guy who was on the back row that got hit off Richards penalty pic.twitter.com/nrGXr2iAia

— MATT FITZSIMONS (@mancityfitz) August 2, 2014

Micah Richards' penalty just landed in The Big House…

— Mark Ogden (@MOgdenTelegraph) August 2, 2014

@MicahRichards how was winning wrestlemania???? pic.twitter.com/CK7Cw3ofvZ

— John (@Dassed) August 2, 2014

Micah Richards penalty has finally landed pic.twitter.com/bdnXkzo2Tv

— Garry Vaux (@Garry_Vaux) August 3, 2014

BREAKING: Micah Richards is on his way to Paris… Ooh la la. pic.twitter.com/DGIGYs3RiP

— NOW TV Sport (@NOWTVSport) August 3, 2014

BREAKING | Micah Richards penalty attempt just landed somewhere in Wyoming. The ball didn't survive. #RIP pic.twitter.com/KwrVS6eQwi

— LFTR (@lefooteur) August 3, 2014

Micah Richards penalty kick has just landed !!! pic.twitter.com/jvn6uOT7a1

— ?Mark? (@slippersmufc) August 2, 2014

Always watching #LurkingAshley #MicahRichards pic.twitter.com/OOvFh9iyRU

— Kevin Johnson (@KevinJohnson365) August 3, 2014