The best ‘Liverpool Away Kit’ jokes

Jokes » The best ‘Liverpool Away Kit’ jokes

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The new Liverpool away kit, modelled by Luis Suárez.
New Liverpool away kit… The straw that broke the Suárez’s back? (Image: Facebook/Liverpool FC)

The new Liverpool away kit has been released to howls of derision from fans of the Merseyside club and the footballing community alike.

Created by Warrior, the strip has a distinctly tribal feel and this has not gone down well with supporters.

So much so that Twitter is awash with insults, mean comments and jokes aimed at the outfit.

We gathered together a collection of the best Liverpool away kit jokes and they are included for your pleasure below. There’s even a video too.

Liverpool away kit. Thoughts?…

— Get Football News (@GetFootballNews) June 4, 2013

PIC: Jose Enrique’s face probably says it all about the new Liverpool away kit #lfc…

— Telegraph Sport (@TelegraphSport) June 5, 2013

I wonder what the Liverpool players reacted when they were asked if they liked the away kit. “Yeah… looks amazing…*fake smiles*

— Wayne (@TNCProject) June 5, 2013

I’m quite certain when that Liverpool away kit was being designed, people with chronic glaucoma were considered.

— Lexis (@niilexis) June 5, 2013

That liverpool away kit reminds me of FIFA98 ugly AS

— | onduso levi | (@mconduzzo) June 5, 2013

Liverpool Away Kit without the problem…

— 23CarraGold (@Wal_LFC) June 5, 2013

The new Liverpool away kit:…

— Bangon (@Arlarse) June 4, 2013

Evertons badge and the Liverpool away kit, can someone check for dodgy clouds in Merseyside and shut down graphic dept at the local uni!

— FFDU (@FFDU) June 4, 2013

Only true @kitnerd will purchase new Liverpool away top. Don’t need to see other 19 clubs, #LFC winners of worst kit…

— Soccer Banter (@soccerbanter) June 3, 2013

New Liverpool away kit #hahahaha…

— paul the ITK yid(@yidosh61) May 31, 2013

Is it me or does the new liverpool away kit look like a box of kleenex tissues from the 90’s?…

— Michael. (@michael_husband) June 5, 2013

People say football is a serious business, but Liverpool’s new away kit proves there’s still a place for comedy:…

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 5, 2013

@bluechampion Have you seen Liverpool’s New Away Kit. It’s just Bizzare. One of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.…

— CFC Fans Corner (@CFCFansCorner) June 5, 2013

Liverpool’s new away kit looks like its been run over by a truck

— Sudip Nayee (@SudipNayee) June 5, 2013

If you want to look like a complete douchebag, Liverpool’s new away kit is the way to go.

— Kam (@KamsUnited) June 5, 2013

Liverpool FC away kit next season…#LFC…

— Daddy Gannon (@stegannon) June 4, 2013

We Come Not to Play…or do we? Warrior’s New Liverpool Away Kit for 2013/14. #LFC…

— LFC Photo (@LFCphoto) June 5, 2013

Steven Gerrard wearing the new Liverpool away kit.…

— Lucy Barker (@LucyBarker1) June 4, 2013

Someone needs to blow into the Nintendo cartridge that generated Liverpool’s new away kit.…

— Jelisa Castrodale (@gordonshumway) June 5, 2013

The new away kit by Liverpool FC #godblessanfield Kah Kah Kah!…

— A1MRAN SHAH (@aimranshah) June 5, 2013

Philippe Coutinho models Liverpool’s new away kit.…

— Adam Keyworth (@adamkeyworth) June 4, 2013

If you stare at the magic eye on Liverpool’s new away kit, this is what you’ll see.…

— Matthew Stanger (@MatthewStanger) June 4, 2013

The new Liverpool away kit, or, “our monitor broke and we didn’t realize what had happened till it was too late.”…

— Brian Phillips (@runofplay) June 4, 2013

Liverpool have revealed pictures of their new away kit. #LFC…

— Josh. (@TweetsofARed) June 4, 2013

#Liverpool FC new away kit reaction……

— Wilshere_10 Is God (@mikesanz19) June 4, 2013


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