The best Leeds badge jokes as new crest is criticised

Club said to now be reconsidering design.

There were many Leeds badge jokes after their new crest was unveiled
UNVEILED: New crest (Image: Twitter/Leeds United)

Leeds United unveiled a new club crest on Wednesday but will have been disappointed with the reaction it received from fans and pundits alike.

The Americanised logo, featuring an illustrated figure of a man holding a fist to his chest, has been roundly criticised on social media and the Championship side are now said to be reconsidering the design.

And here are all the best Leeds badge jokes:

Actually this design is Good, as it accurately depicts a Leeds fan desperately trying to obscure the embarrassing crest on his new Leeds United shirt https://t.co/hpd5J3Zllv

— Huw Lemmey (@huwlemmey) January 24, 2018

Leeds United. pic.twitter.com/t1fxFmI6H1

— Oi (@_yon_mon) January 24, 2018

Exactly who have Leeds United consulted about their new crest? Mussolini's ghost?

— John McGee (@epouvantail) January 24, 2018


— Shaun James (@SCJ93) January 24, 2018

To celebrate Leeds United's new club crest, I have come up with a @ManUtd version, that fully encapsulates the modern era and direction of the club.

With your support this can become a reality! Thank you.#MUFC pic.twitter.com/YR631McDX0

— Drawty Devil (@DrawtyDevil) January 24, 2018


— Jim Smith (@Jim_AFCB) January 24, 2018

Actually this new @LUFC Leeds United badge has potential for conflict resolution on and off the pitch… #altLeedsBadge pic.twitter.com/VDJTx5FdN6

— Richard Marks (@RichardMlive) January 24, 2018

Actual footage of the Leeds United “New Badge” Design meeting… went well 🤣 #LUFC pic.twitter.com/PFKtoZ9dod

— Ben Turner (@benturner2226) January 24, 2018

12:02pm: Leeds United unveil new crest after consultation with 10,000 people

1:34pm: Over 10,000 people sign petition calling on club to stop the new design pic.twitter.com/dlzHxTQI4z

— B/R Football (@brfootball) January 24, 2018

Are we doing this right? #NOT #FCZ

Watch video ➡️https://t.co/AvWLuzF7W1 pic.twitter.com/SwwoEvYU8S

— FC Zenit in English (@fczenit_en) January 24, 2018

📸 | Our new crest #FakeNews

10 minutes of research
2 people consulted
Ready for the next 24 hours pic.twitter.com/tm2IoXLlDl

— Zamalek SC (@ZSCOfficial) January 24, 2018

brilliant badge, from an Everton fan. Really grabs what Leeds is all about. Well done to all involved.

— Gary Maiden (@Gary_Maiden) January 24, 2018

Let's respect the true founder pic.twitter.com/vzg1LHuOYT

— J.H (@_JackHoad) January 24, 2018

Most offensive jumper I’ve seen him wear pic.twitter.com/bAAFwAHjd3

— Samuel (@samuelh__) January 24, 2018


— ash ward (@ashwward) January 24, 2018

Leeds United unveil their new corporate partner pic.twitter.com/z8IS45YbV9

— Ste Kelly (@stekellyefc) January 24, 2018

New Leeds united badge 👀 #lufc #nffc pic.twitter.com/oBOogV5NFb

— Kev helliwell (@Kevnffc) January 24, 2018

So when are Leeds joining the MLS?

— Chris, just Chris (@SirChrisofBates) January 24, 2018


— Ol C (@OClO52) January 24, 2018

Leeds United's new badge summed up 😂 pic.twitter.com/QKQ84eRWLW

— EPL Bible (@EPLBible) January 24, 2018

Knew I'd seen the Leeds badge somewhere before. Insult to all Norwegian Leeds fans. pic.twitter.com/xvaVYQSVb3

— JF (@JordanFredders) January 24, 2018

#AltLeedsBadge pic.twitter.com/3IEFXo5sC2

— Biggies Malls (@MoMoneyMoSalah) January 24, 2018


— Thom Myers 🦈 (@RealUncleThom) January 24, 2018


— josh (@Ifcjosh) January 24, 2018

Look closely at the new Leeds crest trolling us pic.twitter.com/rAvWosRwmS

— Fudge (@Danfudge) January 24, 2018

New "Leeds United" badge – Artist revealed pic.twitter.com/tf62nbYpsf

— Clifford Rumour Mill (@cliffordrumours) January 24, 2018

Anybody who has seen the new Leeds United crest probably seen how bad the backlash is so far to it.

This is my favourite so far. pic.twitter.com/tHgll7OQmx

— TPW: #RoyalRumble (@TweetPW) January 24, 2018

BREAKING – Tulisa Contostavlos has emerged as the designer of the new Leeds United Crest #LUFC #Leeds Crest

Gag c/o @Victoria1867 pic.twitter.com/gDlAETg9kK

— Fudge (@Danfudge) January 24, 2018

We can't wait for this one, @LUFC…😏

On sale dates here 👉 https://t.co/aDLq54KgUY #AVFC #LUFC pic.twitter.com/AEdDLojjje

— Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial) January 24, 2018


— Gaz Walmsley (@gazwalmsley) January 24, 2018

6 months of research, 10,000 people consulted. Aye. pic.twitter.com/txX34BSnEY

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 25, 2018