The best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as hosts reach Euro 2016 knockout stage

Jokes » The best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as hosts reach Euro 2016 knockout stage

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The flags will be flying as we hear the French hear the jokes from France 2-0 Albania as they qualify for the Euro 2016 knockout stage
FLYING HIGH: French flag

These were the best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as the French become the first team to qualify from their group at Euro 2016 and reach the knockout stage of the competition.

A late win was eventually secured against a brave and organised Albanian side thanks to a couple of very late goals from substitute Antoine Griezmann and France’s star of the tournament so far, Dimitri Payet.

The best jokes from France 2-0 Albania as the hosts qualify from Group A:

OK now whatever you do just don't look at the camera. #FRAALB

— James Coker (@JamesWCoker) 15 June 2016

Clive: He played for Chelsea, who was he with before then?

Glenn: Well, in a previous life..

Clive: Got to stop you there. #FRAALB

— Bozwonk (@lolwarlol) 15 June 2016

Hang on, I thought Albanians were all white with pink eyes?? #FRAALB

— Capt. Dan (@GrainPirateDan) 15 June 2016

That moment when the #EURO2016 commentator keeps talking about a yeti and you realise he's saying Albania's Ajeti. #FRAALB

— Ryan Bailey (@RyanJayBailey) 15 June 2016

This guy. #FRAALB

— 8 Troll Football (@8TrollFootball) 15 June 2016

Give the cameraman a medal. #ALB #FRAALB

— Footy Girls (@Footy___Girls) 15 June 2016

BREAKING: Thierry Henry has fallen out the box office after being caught staring at a Albanian female, he's in critical condition. #FRAALB

— Ajeet Singh (@AjeetSinghFTA) 15 June 2016

Close enough. #FRAALB

— Halbzeit3 (@Halbzeit3) 15 June 2016

"And he's only got Sudoku ahead of him." hope it's an easy one. #FRAALB

— Callum (@Panayisalad) 15 June 2016

How come Sadiku is playing with No. 10 on his back? I thought you only used numbers 1 to 9#bbceuro2016 #FRAALB

— FA Cup Factfile (@FACupFactfile) 15 June 2016

When you have a shower and cold water hits your back #FRAALB

— JaySánchez (@jamiet7_) 15 June 2016

And our 12 points go to.. ALBANIAAA ! #FRAALB

— Kimeon (@Kimeon92) 15 June 2016

frank Ribery wishing he was playing tonight rather than manning reception at the local leisure centre #FRAALB

— Chris addison (@Addo1878) 15 June 2016

'He's football crazy, he's football mad,
but watching football every night,
Has made me very sad… : [#FRAALB #football

— fatgirlrunning (@fatgirljogging) 15 June 2016

These must be the only eleven Albanian men that Liam Neeson didn't kill. #FRAALB

— Ryan Murray (@Ryan_Murray_2) 15 June 2016

That and if all men went down as much as these players do there would be more women with smiles on their faces… #FRAALB

— Jemma Cox (@jemmacox) 15 June 2016


— Cams (@CamsMrrt) 15 June 2016

Slaven Bilic's turn on the comedy trousers. #FRAALB

— Jonathan Hilditch (@unseatedbook) 15 June 2016

I'm bored. Someone fly a Serbian flag with a drone into the stadium please. #FRAALB

— Red Army! (@MYMUFC1) 15 June 2016

Is #FRA on strike? #FRAALB

— Ralf Reski (@ReskiLab) 15 June 2016


— #ALB (@AlbaImeraj) 15 June 2016

5-year-old Olivier Giroud… #FRA

— The Sun Football (@TheSunFootball) 15 June 2016

The Look on Martial's face 😂😂😂 #fra #FRAALB #EURO2016

— Nataly Antar (@Nataly_Antar) 15 June 2016

When you finally get to play at a major tournament but get taken off after 45 minutes… #Martial #FRA

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) 15 June 2016

Look who's coming on #fra

— Zwë (@ZwebackHD) 15 June 2016

On his way to save the day!!!! #FRAALB

— #HalaMadrid (@RMadrid75) 15 June 2016

How many pretty boy strikers does it take for France to score a goal? #FRAALB

— #PatRiley4President (@JCarrollV) 15 June 2016

Benzema: There's more movement in my bank account than in France's attack… #FRA #EURO2016

— Free Bets (@freebetscouk) 15 June 2016

People have lost more money on this game than the Wallstreet crash #FRAALB #EURO2016

— Glenn Carroll (@GlennCarroll1) 15 June 2016


— Thomas Pitcher (@thomasbvb1909) 15 June 2016

#Antoine will be the most popular #FRA name in 2017

— JP (@airjapesfifa) 15 June 2016


— Sami (@Zetto_Senshi) 15 June 2016

Not in my name. #FRAALB #EURO2016

— Benjamin Pierret (@unechemise) 15 June 2016

Clearly the #Albania assistant coach was responsible for marking on balls into the box. #FRAALB

— PaulMWhite75 (@PaulMWhite75) 15 June 2016

Bilic acts like Payets dad 😂😂😂 #FRA

— Ryan (@rday_) 15 June 2016

Don't cry .. Being defeted after a real fight is not a lost #FRAALB

— Sohaib (@MrSohaibE) 15 June 2016

What kind of bird is this? #FRAALB

— Albanischer paco (@der_gepushte) 15 June 2016


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