The best jokes as Trevor Sinclair announces Louis van Gaal sacking

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Hopefully he can now laugh at our selection of the best jokes as Trevor Sinclair announces Louis van Gaal's sacking
CHRISTMAS PARTIERS: Sinclair and friend (Image: Twitter/Trevor Sinclair)

A small selection of the best jokes after Trevor Sinclair started a rumour that Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal had been sacked when, in fact, he hadn’t.

Sinclair appeared to suggest van Gaal had been fired via a series of messages posted on his Twitter account that were later claimed to have been sent by someone else as part of a Christmas Party prank.

These are the best jokes as Trevor Sinclair announces Louis van Gaal has been sacked:

Trevor Sinclair of the BBC has said that Louis Van Gaal has been sacked.

— Dave O’Connell (@DaveOCKOP) December 22, 2015

''Alright we've sacked Van Gaal, lets release a state-'' ''Wait, lets tell Trevor Sinclair and no one else'' ''Good idea''

— Smalling Fan (@SmallingFan) December 22, 2015

"Right, well, that's LVG sacked. How should we announce it? Press release?" "Nah mate just DM Trevor Sinclair."

— Chris No(el) (@chrs00) December 22, 2015

Before you all start asking, we're not settling bets based on what Trevor Sinclair's twitter account says

— William Hill Betting (@WillHillBet) December 22, 2015

Strange as like most people I'd normally go to Trevor Sinclair as a matter of course for all breaking news stories. Faling that Andy Sinton

— Barney Ronay (@barneyronay) December 22, 2015

Good to see Trevor Sinclair breaking the news that Man Utd have sacked Louis van Gaal…who needs Sky Sports News! #MUFC

— Kevin Palmer (@kpsundayworld) December 22, 2015

@trevor8sinclair don't lie, no one would ever invite you to a party

— Andi Janaqi (@Philosophyyyyyy) December 22, 2015

heard from Dave who found out from Ricky who went to the pub and heard from a bloke called Mo that Van Gaal is sacked

— Brenda Murray (@lady2k41) December 22, 2015