The best jokes as referee Bobby Madley quits “due to a change in his personal circumstances”

Abruptly failed to return for the new Premier League season.

By Thomas Joseph

There were all sorts of jokes as EPL referee Bobby Madley quit "due to a change in his personal circumstances"
QUIT: Official

Rumours are abound after Premier League referee Bobby Madley abruptly retired from the game and failed to return for the new season.

In a statement, the Professional Game Match Officials said of the 32-year-old:

Bobby Madley is no longer employed by PGMOL.

We understand that he has decided to relocate due to a change in his personal circumstances.

There has since been much speculation on social media after constant referrals in the press to a mysterious “social media video” that may be at the heart of this issue but has yet to be confirmed.

And there are already Bobby Madley quit jokes on Twitter:

👴🏻 Shocking news about Bobby Madley…

… He's only 32! pic.twitter.com/jxG8q53UYM

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) August 16, 2018

Bobby Madley’s heat map from his final game in charge. pic.twitter.com/7tpu22bZQi

— Chris Doughty (@ChrisDoughty32) August 16, 2018

Wise decision to pull Bobby Madley from the Rovers game this weekend.

— MattISpurs (@ParkLaneBlock40) August 16, 2018

The news about Bobby Madley is bound to Russell some feathers

— Matthew Talbot (@MatthewTalbot37) August 16, 2018

Is it true that Bobby Madley's a terrierist then?

— Lauren Jones (@lmjwales) August 16, 2018

Can anyone tell me what the Bobby Madley video contains? Confused as to what’s gone on, don’t have a Scooby Doo.

— GR (@GRAFC_) August 16, 2018

If the Bobby Madley rumours are true.. he must be barking mad. 🐶

— Tamsin 💋 (@MissTottenamite) August 16, 2018

Anyone got a link to this Bobby Madley video?

Cos I’m having a wuff time trying to find it….

— FPLPriceChanges+ (@FPLPriceChanges) August 16, 2018

Former Gloucestershire and England wicket-keeper Jack Russell says he has no idea what that Bobby Madley video is all about… pic.twitter.com/lxt3vih08s

— Tony Crawford… (@UrbanGriller) August 16, 2018

Found the Bobby Madley video on YouTube 😂😂 !! Watch it before it gets removed https://t.co/dZaKaemQXT

— Joe (@tjboka) August 16, 2018

Bobby Madley has retired as a referee after a video emerged of him giving a correct refereeing decision. He was disgusted https://t.co/xmI3GxnTLh

— Football Index Dragon (@FootballDRGN) August 16, 2018

Bobby Madley has quit as a referee after finding it too difficult to align his match schedule with linesmen Bobby Truly and Bobby Deeply.

— Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) August 16, 2018

When you find out Bobby Madley has quit refereeingpic.twitter.com/VaLZ0BzMP1

— The Anfield Truth (@AnfieldTruth) August 16, 2018

Probably trying to escape Bobby Madley. https://t.co/wS7fi1kvT5

— Scott (@Shiteke) August 16, 2018

Anyone else just done a ‘Bobby Madley video’ search on twitter?

— Kevin (@KevOrf_5) August 16, 2018

Everyone saying they can’t believe Bobby Madley is only 32. But that is 224 in dog years.

— Matt Bragg (@mattbraggcomedy) August 16, 2018

Bobby Madley is 32? Fuck off. Where was his paper round, Chernobyl?!

— Hannah McG (@ScumOnTheRun) August 16, 2018

Sad to see Bobby Madley leave, he was a different breed.

— Joseph McGivern (@JosephMcGivern) August 16, 2018

When Bobby Madley goes to check VAR. pic.twitter.com/CEXY4rQjqS

— Reece Cronshaw (@Reece_Cronshaw) August 16, 2018

Seen Bobby Madley’s new bird? pic.twitter.com/dNs5WBlgIV

— Steven Jenkinson (@_sjenkinson_) August 16, 2018

Tomorrow, when it’s revealed that Bobby Madley has quit because his wife / kid is seriously ill. pic.twitter.com/2Qz7K46lwf

— Gilles (@gillesoffthenet) August 16, 2018

Should have seen the signs… #bobbymadley pic.twitter.com/rP4KMbhuzH

— Michael D (@Galaxatron) August 16, 2018

🎤 “It’s housemate number 12, it’s Bobbly Maddley” #CBB pic.twitter.com/wKwfTsZIRu

— The Sportsman (@TheSportsman) August 16, 2018