The best jokes as Manchester United lose 3-1 at West Ham with Mourinho under increasing pressure

Third loss in seven games.

There were many jokes and funny tweets as Manchester United lost 3-1 at West Ham with José Mourinho worried
(Image: Дмитрий Голубович/soccer.ru)

José Mourinho has led Manchester United to their worst league start in 29 years following a 3-1 defeat to West Ham in the London Stadium on Saturday.

Following an unceremonious exit from the cup midweek, Manuel Pellegrini’s side were the beneficiaries of United’s poor form in the early kick-off as news of player disgruntlement continues to make the press.

With the manager’s future now in doubt amid reports that Zinedine Zidane is being lined up as his replacement, these were the best jokes and tweets after West Ham 3-1 Man Utd:

To all Man Utd fans.
Don't worry, Liverpool have gone 27years without a League title.

It can be done.
Y'all just need to wait half a Generation.#WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/YwoDOw2i42

— Garden of Eden (@iamkennybenz) September 29, 2018

The Only Good thing that has Happen to Manchester United Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson retired is a fax machine that didn't work. #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/77Pe3PiOEL

— Sír Mυѕвəy ♻ (@Itz_MusbeY) September 29, 2018

"I don't love this game"#mufc #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/UNbq81SnKt

— Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) September 29, 2018

Who's getting sacked in the morning???#WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/lRYWvmVvlx

— Sasuke Uchiha (@NaijaArsenal) September 29, 2018


— nffc (@xWintahx) September 29, 2018

All the United Supporting Staff and Assistant Coaches at United want to be on Pogba's Good side when the time comes #POGBOSS #WHUMUN #MourinhoOut pic.twitter.com/r2verfRdQL

— L O U I S (@KaykayZayn) September 29, 2018

Fuck United, fuck the players, fuck the manager, Fuck the owners and finally fuck everyone 👹👺🖕🏿🖕🏿 #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/XSDXhetRw1

— SULDAAN XAAFADA 🚦 (@mozonee_101) September 29, 2018

Who says Mourinho doesn’t improve players?

He’s making Mark Noble look like a peak Iniesta. #WHUMUN

— Dan Williamson (@winkveron) September 29, 2018

When you know you have to manage PSG next year… #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/ShNesewDQF

— I (@usedtobefunnier) September 29, 2018

Take a look at Pogba at Full time, right in front of Mourinho 😂😂😂 #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/MQpSCZBT1C

— G! ☠ (@TripleOgFargo) September 29, 2018

Should Manchester United sack Jose Mourinho?

Retweet if Yes
Like if Yes
Comment if Yes#WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/9mGZB5oVxd

— F… (@Favoured__) September 29, 2018


•Oct. 20: Chelsea vs Man Utd
•Oct. 23: Man Utd vs Juventus
•Nov. 7: Juventus vs Man Utd
•Nov. 11:Man City vs Man Utd

Burial arrangements will be announced in due course. Thank you

Management. #WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/4jcoso5zBo

— Pirate™ (@PirateMulwana) September 29, 2018

Mourinho: "First goal was offside. If we had VAR, it wouldn't have happened" (post-match press conference)
Fun Fact: Man United voted against implementing VAR this season. 😂 pic.twitter.com/pFALNAVIBJ

— Nouman (@nomifooty) September 29, 2018

I keep hearing that our players have downed tools and stopped playing for Mourinho. Funny that cause I can't remember half the fkers picking their tools up in the first place. Useless bstards!!

— JIM (@comeonref123) September 29, 2018


Someone just told me that Mourinho is really they special one, he was able to make Westham look like Real Madrid and Barca combined 😆 #MourinhoIn pic.twitter.com/tWNCcPq6aA

— Ki Jesseology (@NandiraJessy) September 29, 2018

Fellaini just before Mourinho gets the sack https://t.co/knMQ2Gd279

— H (@hm____o1) September 29, 2018

When Zidane comes in for his first training session and meets the ManUtd defense pic.twitter.com/EtZ9eyYCAS

— 🅱hargav (@ThatIndianGuy) September 29, 2018

Can imagine Klopp and Sarri both having a ciggy together now taking the piss out of Mourinho

— Joe Spencer (@joespencer2008) September 29, 2018

🤦‍♂️ When your mate tells you he backed United in the early kick-off…#WHUMUN pic.twitter.com/ScXT5BkNkf

— The Sportsman Bet (@TheSportsmanBet) September 29, 2018

David Moyes 🤡
Van Gaal 😴
Mourinho ☠️

The decision to sack Sir Alec Ferguson was the biggest mistake Man U ever made. All leads back to that.

— Big Dan Mooms (@Danny_McMoomins) September 29, 2018

Tune in next week for the Man Utd show pic.twitter.com/PQ4w9o38Q5

— Kev (@Kevin_KKB) September 29, 2018