The best jokes as Man Utd lose to Frank Lampard’s Derby on penalties in Carabao Cup

Phil Jones misses the decisive penalty.

By Thomas Joseph

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There were all sorts of jokes as Mourinho's Man Utd lost to Lampard's Derby in the Carabao Cup after Phil Jones misses a penalty
FIRST ATTEMPT: Frank (Image: @cfcunofficial)

Phil Jones missed the decisive spot-kick for Manchester United as they lost 8-7 on penalties following a 2-2 draw at home to Derby County in the Carabao Cup third round on Tuesday night.

Visiting goalkeeper Scott Carson was the first to make a save after 15 successful strikes took the shoot-out into sudden death.

Frank Lampard’s Championship charges almost defeated his former manager’s side over 90 minutes before an added-time equaliser from Marouane Fellaini levelled things up.

These are the best of the jokes as Man Utd lose to Derby on penalties at Old Trafford:

United could sack Mourinho and get Moyes back in on his original contract. Still has a year left on it.

— LFC Stanley House (@LFCStanleyHouse) September 25, 2018

Mourinho looks like he’s been crying for the last 10 minutes pic.twitter.com/IlLwIV5md1

— Matty Johnson (@MrMattyjohnson) September 25, 2018

What round of the Carabao you get knocked out mate? pic.twitter.com/Hd7HrWdZ1p

— Carl Anka (@Ankaman616) September 25, 2018

14 world class penalties and then Phil Jones steps up.

— Red Devil Bible (@RedDevilBible) September 25, 2018

I cant be the only one that said "Fucking Phil Jones" as he walked up to take that.

— Andrew Kilduff (@TuftyMUFC) September 25, 2018

You’re not a proper Manchester United fan if you didn’t think that Phil Jones would miss his penalty tonight.

— Ryan. 🔴 (@Vintage_Utd) September 25, 2018

Mourinho is the Donald Trump of the football world.

— Michelle Angelica (@Micha_Alvez) September 25, 2018

Jose Mourinho: “The result is not my fault, if we had signed Toby Alderweireld he would have scored that penalty.” pic.twitter.com/sL5v8VPQCi

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) September 25, 2018

#CarabaoCup #Derby #United #Mourinho #Pogba When you see Phil Jones walking up to take the final penalty… pic.twitter.com/4fdEPAXA4E

— Carlin (@thedaddy4737) September 25, 2018

Phil Jones devastated with that penalty miss. #MUNDER pic.twitter.com/fGjKLYXsLT

— BoyleSports (@BoyleSports) September 25, 2018

Laugh all you want, don’t see Derby with a 4.9 app rating in the Apple store.

— Si Lloyd (@SmnLlyd5) September 25, 2018

A man said lukaku spends 90 mins looking for a remote to control the ball 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #MUNDER #itspeak

— EXPRESSIONS ‘FREAKIN’ OOZING (@ExpressionsOOZ) September 25, 2018

Mourinho’s decline begun at that moment. Big Weng has gone and done it again pic.twitter.com/tIcL0yBfNG

— Ahmed (@Ahmed91Gooner) September 25, 2018

Derby could have taken 800 penalties tonight n Lee Grant wouldn’t have saved any of em.

— Chris Farrar (@Chrisfarrar86) September 25, 2018

This Man United team would beat Jose Mourinho's Man United team… pic.twitter.com/PMmNDMobeA

— Transfer News (@TrustyTransfers) September 25, 2018

His tactic for the penalties was genius: "Keep scoring them lads, until they are forced to bring up Phil Jones to take one".

— Costas Spanos (@CSpan22) September 25, 2018

Pogba to Mourinho after the match pic.twitter.com/p5Jg46KGvW

— ©️®️ (@ClinicalRambo) September 25, 2018

Mourinho, can you please describe Harry Wilson’s free-kick? pic.twitter.com/htGkTfoz7T

— ً (@bubbIxs) September 25, 2018

Announce phil jones aeroflot economy class ticket to Madagascar.

— Red Devil Army (@wickedchandy) September 25, 2018

Mourinho: Hey Paul, you coming for the training session tomorrow ?

Pogba: pic.twitter.com/5CZzFr8hvQ

— JAGS (@EtniesJags) September 25, 2018

@ManUtd I'm available to lead the team on an interim basis until a suitable replacement has been identified. Kindly DM for further communication on the matter.

— The People's Champion (@pabz_general) September 25, 2018

Phil Jones’ Man Utd career summed up in one picture: pic.twitter.com/5BB0KvMHk2

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) September 25, 2018

Problem is you'd have won a quid on a £100 bet

— Philip McCarroll 2.0 (@philmccarroll) September 25, 2018

Phil Jones can replace disappointment in the dictionary and nobody would notice

— kenna (@kennagq) September 25, 2018

Phil Jones' car just heard about his penalty miss. pic.twitter.com/XrjzqmTDVt

— DaKeB (@Dakeb_MCFC) September 25, 2018

A furious looking Paul Pogba after being left out of the Man Utd squad for the first time. #EFLCup #MUNDER pic.twitter.com/zjMOncMdsZ

— Historical Sport (@HistorySport_) September 25, 2018

While we wait for penalties to start, we've done a bit of investigation and we think we have found the person who started those "getting sacked in the morning chants"#MUNDER pic.twitter.com/GNKGmSlvqu

— 90min (@90min_Football) September 25, 2018

Phil Jones' penalty against Derby is even better with Titanic music… pic.twitter.com/5q5TVZyRc6

— Joe Gilmore (@Gilology) September 25, 2018

Slightly annoyed Phil Jones missed as always wondered what happened when a man gets sent off and it's 10-10 on pens

— John Gibbons (@johngibbonsblog) September 25, 2018

‘I am disappointed because before the game I told Phil Jones, if it goes to penalties and you have to take the 8th one, don’t pea roll it into Scott Carson’s arms.’ Mourinho, probably.

— Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) September 25, 2018

Jose Mourinho just grabbed the microphone off the Sky Reporter and announced to the world that Phil Jones will never captain United again.

Strong leadership.#MUFC #MUNDER

— Niall Hawthorne (@NiallHawthorne) September 25, 2018

Only one man can save @ManUtd #MUNDER pic.twitter.com/XrrPDbSf1x

— RunRobboRun (@RobbosRun) September 25, 2018