The best jokes as Liverpool let three-goal lead slip to draw 3-3 at Sevilla

Visitors looked home and dry at half-time in Champions League group stage tie.

By Thomas Joseph

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Klopp will not want to look at the jokes after Sevilla 3-3 Liverpool after his side let a three goal lead slip
STARING INTO THE ABYSS: Klopp (Image: Дмитрий Голубович/soccer.ru)

Liverpool gave up a three goal first-half lead in Seville and ended up drawing their Champions League group stage tie 3-3 at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium on Tuesday night.

While their opponents capitulated, Sevilla fought back with three goals of their own in the second-half of the Group E clash to retain a remarkable record, remaining unbeaten at home for over a year.

Jürgen Klopp’s side will now need to get at least a point against Spartak Moscow next month to ensure they progress to the next round of the competition.

These were the best of the jokes after Sevilla 3-3 Liverpool as the visitors let a 3-0 lead slip:

3-0, the most dangerous lead in football if you support Liverpool

— – (@Lallanaism) November 21, 2017

Only if you was in charge of Liverpool !!

— matty houltby (@pistolmatty) November 21, 2017

Thank God it's black Friday and I'll get a good deal cause if Sevilla get another goal I owe my mother a new telly #lfc #sevliv

— Danny Costelloe (@costelloe2323) November 21, 2017

When you put a bit of pressure on the Liverpool defence… pic.twitter.com/FqedbnCvMQ

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) November 21, 2017

Sevilla gutted… Moreno's been subbed.

— AS English (@English_AS) November 21, 2017


Will #Liverpool mess up a three-nil advantage? #SEVLIV pic.twitter.com/AYBBzgIxAI

— El_Poderoso (@ronanodowd) November 21, 2017

Sevilla ball boy: I would love you to coach me.

Jurgen Klopp: I would love to. Which position do you play?

Sevilla ball boy: I'm a defender, Sir

Jurgen Klopp: I don't like that kind of joke pic.twitter.com/4GH8y3pGVL

— Soccer Nation (@SoccerNationNg) November 21, 2017

Liverpool just got Istanbuled!

Klopp right now: pic.twitter.com/vIioUYhm3D

— Öliver. (@UtdOliver) November 21, 2017

Fair play to Liverpool for doing Istanbul in reverse.

— Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) November 21, 2017

When you got an open goal but your teams defence is so bad you gotta make sure you’re not conceding at the same time pic.twitter.com/XPlL8t0aHs

— #BWIGM (@JamzLdnKmt) November 21, 2017

Changed my password to " Liverpool's defense" lol password was too weak 😥

— Adé 🕊 (@DaflowABIOYE) November 21, 2017

Klopp is just a energetic PE teacher.

— RCJ (@RasclartRico) November 21, 2017

Klopp is a legend. Manages to show the best and the worst of the team in the same game. Not many managers can do that.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) November 21, 2017

Liverpool 1st half
– v –
Liverpool 2cnd half
#sevliv pic.twitter.com/at1hdcrjHd

— Buzza (@buzza9676) November 21, 2017

Firmino was doing no look shots so Liverpool’s defenders wanted to do no look defending. Shambles

— The battery disturbing economy ruiner (@MrScripto) November 21, 2017

wouldn't be surprised if Moreno has a hidden vault with Franco memorabilia in his house

— Mubashir (@CallMeMubzy) November 21, 2017

Why are Liverpool always found guilty in court?

Because they have no defence..

— . (@OfficialCheIs) November 21, 2017

Liverpool: *leading 3-0 at HT*

Sevilla:#SEVLIV pic.twitter.com/JUmD3QPaAX

— William Hill Betting (@WilliamHill) November 21, 2017

Feel like Liverpool made a deal with the devil in Istanbul, that meant they would win on the night, but have to suffer ridiculous 3-0 collapses for all of eternity.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) November 21, 2017

Dunno who’s got the worst fucking defence, Liverpool or France in world wars

— Swearing Sports News (@SwearingSport) November 21, 2017

Liverpool's attack vs. Liverpool's defence. pic.twitter.com/hUdfNADMNg

— Coral (@Coral) November 21, 2017

Jordan Henderson also failed to win a single tackle against Sevilla.

He also didn't attempt an aerial duel.#SEVLIV pic.twitter.com/Y3Y8vsW7ii

— ReviewFootball (@ReviewFootball) November 21, 2017

Just the one goal would have done it, in fairness. #SEVLIV pic.twitter.com/1xfVyUGEcc

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) November 21, 2017