The best jokes as Arsenal’s 1-2 Watford defeat dents title hopes

Jokes » The best jokes as Arsenal’s 1-2 Watford defeat dents title hopes

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Olivier Giroud won't want to look at the jokes from Arsenal 1-2 Watford
CAME OFF AT HALF-TIME: Giroud (Image: Ronnie Macdonald)

This is a selection of the best jokes as Arsenal’s Premier League title hopes for this season faded with a 1-2 defeat to Watford at the Emirates on Tuesday night.

Although seeking to build on their big FA Cup fourth round win at Southampton last weekend, Arsène Wenger’s team missed the opportunity to gain ground on their rivals as several teams around them dropped points.

Two early goals in quick succession secured a win for Watford, who had not beaten Arsenal in the top flight for almost thirty years, who took full advantage of a lacklustre showing from the home side.

Here are the best of the jokes from Arsenal 1-2 Watford:

Watford go 2-0 up against Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger has responded by putting in an emergency bid for some young lad nobody's ever heard of.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 31, 2017

@Arsenal Great joke lads, now release the real team in the second half please.

— TerryAFC (@TerryAFCx) January 31, 2017

If Wenger ever leaves Arsenal like Ferguson left Utd
Arsenal will be relegated till they reach the 2nd division of the Scottish league

— Soldier ↪ (@PatohShanqueels) January 31, 2017

@Arsenal it's not too late lads, we still have two and a half hours to ship Ramsey off to China

— benshen (@BenShen4) January 31, 2017

I'm gonna start supporting a Chinese club #afc

— Arsenal Latest (@ArsenalsNews) January 31, 2017

Now I know why I've always remained single. Girls think you lack good ambition the moment you say you're an Arsenal fan. #FanLiveNG #ArsWat

— Ahmad (@Mr_Alawoki) January 31, 2017

It’s clear what Arsenal need in the second half: A betting syndicate floodlight failure which means the game has to be replayed.

— arseblog (@arseblog) January 31, 2017

@Arsenal Can't wait till Claude stabs Ty

— Aziz☁️ (@MagicalMartial) January 31, 2017


— LongLiveJJ (@isdatreallyjj) January 31, 2017

Commiserations to Arsenal who have gone out of the 'haven't lost with Mustafi playing Cup 2017'.

— The Man Utd Way (@TheManUtdWay) January 31, 2017

4th spot chasing Arsenal down like:

— ㅤㅤㅤ (@AaronMancz) January 31, 2017

Team fucked from the start. Xhaka and Wenger in the stands. Gabriel and Ramsey started. Giroud slow. Mustafi and Ozil affected by Muslim ban

— GoonerGordo (@GoonerGordo) January 31, 2017

When Arsenal lost at home to Watford but you know your gonna make a lot of money

— ㅤ (@LethaISanchez) January 31, 2017

A cunning plan by Arsene Wenger. Lose against Watford so fans focus on the loss rather than lack of transfer activity. So shrewd, that man.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) January 31, 2017

In a space of 3 days Arsenal have showed us the 2 different ways life After Wenger could take. Win games comfortably or become miserable.

— Danny Welbeck (@WelBeast) January 31, 2017

On the left is the optimism in my heart for Arsenal every year & on the right is me coming to my senses

— Uncle Ed (@UncleEd419) January 31, 2017

Yesterday: Wenger said "This is the best squad I've ever had."

Today: Arsenal lose at home to Watford…

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) January 31, 2017

Arsenal can't be out of the title race when we were never really in it

— Josh 🇳🇬 (@big_man_joshy) January 31, 2017

Alexis Sanchez pulling Arsenal like.

— Mohamed ELNneny (@ElNnenyM) January 31, 2017

'Hi it's Robbie and you're watching Arsenal Fan TV…:

— ㅤㅤㅤ (@AaronMancz) January 31, 2017


— Wicky (@Wicknes007) January 31, 2017

@Arsenal Hopefully until 2020

— James Safer (@JamessafeR) January 31, 2017

Arsenal fans waking up this morning like….

— Patoranking (@pyepar) February 1, 2017

Sutton United's second choice keeper: "Bring on f*cking Arsenal." 😂😂😂

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) February 1, 2017

Just when you thought Arsenal Fan TV couldn't get any worse, this bloke in the red hoodie turns up…

— ㅤ (@Beardamendi) February 1, 2017


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