The best jokes and tweets from South Korea vs Algeria

By Thomas Joseph

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The Algeria fans will be celebrating like this while reading the jokes and tweets from South Korea vs Algeria
CELEBRATING: Fans (Image: normalityrelief)

The best jokes and tweets from South Korea vs Algeria, an unexpectedly exhilarating Group H clash that ended 2-4 to the African side.

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The game looked dead and buried as the Algerians held a 0-3 lead at the break, but an early second-half strike from young South Korean striker Son Heung-min put his side right back in it and set up a thrilling final 40 minutes.

This is a collection of the best jokes and tweets from South Korea vs Algeria at Brazil 2014, a match that epitomised what is so special about the World Cup.

If Jung lets in too many goals today, his Korea will be over. #KORvsALG

— Joninho (@jmauser) June 22, 2014

Someone from South Korea is making good runs down the left flank. Don't know who. All names are confusing. #FIFAWorldCup #KOR

— Jay Thakker (@thakkerjay) June 22, 2014

Look how upset PSY is when you don't score .. #Korea #KOR #WorldCup #Brazil pic.twitter.com/RI8ZZ40Su2

— WorldCup Squad (@WorldCupSquad) June 22, 2014

Go #Kor #Kor pic.twitter.com/iEdI8MNfpC

— Ciél. (@LeeChaerin_BxG) June 22, 2014

If #KOR scores, we will dance the #gangamstyle

— Hakim Poe (@wisebard) June 22, 2014

If things don't change soon, the Koreans will have this guy waiting for them down the tunnel… Furious. #KOR pic.twitter.com/TPRpwNPGwh

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) June 22, 2014

oh c!§p. meanwhile in north korea #kor #alg pic.twitter.com/Suoo1Dj3or

— Simon T Chirapa (@simon_t_17) June 22, 2014

The Koreans are playing so well, they should get temporary Spanish citizenship. #KORvsALG #WorldCup2014

— Judah Friedlander (@JudahWorldChamp) June 22, 2014

live picture of #KOR team pic.twitter.com/SZr2NxCr60

— Emily (@emilyhynson) June 22, 2014

This is a map of #Algeria tonight. #KORvsALG #WorldCup ????????? pic.twitter.com/7igUplYJ2o

— Mohammed Al-Binateej (@ATEEKSTER) June 22, 2014

I suspect there's an 'Aggressive' tone being used in that #KOR dressing room right now.

— Football Manager (@FootballManager) June 22, 2014

#KOR have brought on a player who's a serving soldier. Good at shooting apparently.

— Coral (@Coral) June 22, 2014

Lee Keun-ho is literally a soldier being given footballers' wages.

— (via @JonnyGabriel) (@JonnyGabriel) June 22, 2014

#KOR is one goal away from getting Spained…

— ?Emi (@emibelle) June 22, 2014

#KOR fans are very sad…then very HAPPY! https://t.co/kyfA301aQR #BrazilNuts

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 22, 2014

It's good to see "OMG I'M ON THE JUMBOTRON" is a universal language. #KORvsALG

— Fake JP Dellacamera (@fakeJPD) June 22, 2014

If I was a referee, I'd spend the whole game spraying white circles around footballers I didn't like. #KORvsALG #WorldCup

— Renzo Soprano (@Renzo_Soprano) June 22, 2014

I award Korean player who stopped to help stretch the Algerian guy's hammy a pink card with a heart on it. #KORvsALG

— Kelly Luce (@lucekel) June 22, 2014

With the world concentrating on South Korea, North Korea is making its move #KORvsALG pic.twitter.com/mbg0Jv6YWM

— Raz (@raztweets) June 22, 2014

This is the greatest day in North Korea since they landed a man on the sun. #KORvsALG #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/Bn9vcNAvpL

— betway (@betway) June 22, 2014

South Korea giving it their all… #YoureOnlyYungOnce … I think that's nearly it for my South Korean related humour!!! #KOR #ALG #banter

— Gaz Simmonds (@GazSimmonds) June 22, 2014

This is what TV looked like the last time Algeria had a World Cup win before today #algvskor #WorldCup2014 #Wprldcup pic.twitter.com/OEIttz91hs

— Rami (@Ramisms) June 22, 2014

Kim Jong-un reaction after South Korea's defeat from Algeria #kor #alg #WC14 #wc14gr pic.twitter.com/jMl9XFIpEP

— Red Duckling (@RedDuckling) June 22, 2014

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