The best jokes ahead of FIFA 18 release at midnight

The jokes continued ahead of the FIFA 18 release at midnight
SHOPPING AT NIGHT: Gamers (Image: Robert Claypool)

As the FIFA 18 release saga finally drew to a close at midnight on Thursday, these were the best of the jokes.

Eager gamers are staying up late tonight, despite a certain amount of criticism of the game from a privileged few who received it early.

With few other titles to amuse, this is a selection of the best jokes prior to FIFA 18’s midnight release:

Your mcm spent £90 on the Fifa 18 icon edition and then another £50 on packs. He's now in his overdraft.

— Nathan (@Nath_S95) 27 September 2017

you, a simpleton: I've just pissed away £70 on the new fifa
me, an intellectual: pic.twitter.com/omo9rq0WyK

— liam (@_liambane) 27 September 2017

On the day FIFA was released my girlfriend left me this. I don't deserve her…#FIFA18 pic.twitter.com/eCXeoL0mHI

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) 28 September 2017

When I see FIFA 18 in the shop with bae https://t.co/0K2q6Xgbed

— RCJ (@RasclartRico) 28 September 2017

Get a women like this to be yours #fifa18 pic.twitter.com/MTlRs9rAKC

— Tom 🌚 (@PassingPrince) September 26, 2017

When you can't afford to buy FIFA 18 pic.twitter.com/0S1r8zIY6n

— ItalianFootballTV (@IFTVofficial) 28 September 2017

Thought I was a proper lass ordering Josh Fifa turns out it hasn't even came out and I've ordered last years eh class

— Katie Gallon (@Katiegallon__) 28 September 2017

FIFA being sold early in Kilmarnock, thank me later pic.twitter.com/5pPU76mrCJ

— Brandon (@Brandon_1872) 28 September 2017

Generic Fifa tweets for tomorrow..

• Your 'girlfriend' left you Fifa, food and beer because she had 'work'

• Strap Fifa 18 into a car seat

— Jimmy Hart (@JimmyHart_) 28 September 2017

Her: He's probably thinking about other girls…

Him: Need to decide what PL striker I'm going to buy first…#FIFA18 pic.twitter.com/CXIL3eLD56

— BenchWarmers ⚽️ (@BeWarmers) September 26, 2017

The same girl has a little brother who is currently on Fifa 15 ☹️

— SC: ShoRizzy (@ShoRizzy) 28 September 2017

Your MCM still plays FIFA 13

— Joe Musashi (@bamzyempire) 28 September 2017

Completed it mate

— Jack 'Pie' McDermott (@the_pieface) 28 September 2017


— wilky (@mattwilkinson_) 28 September 2017

#FIFA18 night. Look what my GF left for me. Don't deserve her 😍 pic.twitter.com/f5OcLqdzDD

— Sascha (loves Jake) (@VIPswiiift) September 25, 2017

Just seen this on Facebook; the cash exchange value of FIFA 17 tomorrow… pic.twitter.com/5V7ZAVOo2Z

— KingMonkey (@kingmonkey25) 28 September 2017

Before you all run out to buy Fifa 18 at midnight , let me just tell you all now, its fucking dog shit

— West Ham Fan TV (@westhamfantv) 28 September 2017

The ref is Black and white ?? 😂😂 #fifa18 @MattHDGamer pic.twitter.com/MwN0gorNSd

— Kevin Karlsen (@mrkillahk) September 26, 2017