The best jokes after West Ham violence at London Stadium in EFL Cup Chelsea clash

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There were jokes after more West Ham violence at London Stadium in their EFL Cup clash with Chelsea
FIGHT NIGHT: London Stadium (Image: Gerard McGovern)

After further trouble erupted at West Ham’s London Stadium last night, towards the end of their 2-1 EFL Cup win over Chelsea, these are the best jokes.

A bounce back to form for the home team almost went off without a hitch, before it all kicked off again in familiar scenes as the full time whistle approached.

Making light of a sorry state of affairs at their new home in Stratford, here are the best of the jokes following more violence at the ground:

Rumours that West Ham and Chelsea firms agreed to meet a mile away from the match, unfortunately this was still in the stadium.

— AVFC Support (@SupportAVFC) October 26, 2016

I keep reading "EFL clash between West Ham and Chelsea" as "EDL clash between West Ham and Chelsea".

— RicheyRevol (@RicheyRevol) October 26, 2016

West Ham fans are throwing THEIR OWN seats at Chelsea fans. pic.twitter.com/FHIA6EATkk

— From The Stands (@FromTStands) October 26, 2016

Thankfully as we only rent, the damage to the stadium will be paid for by Great British public.

We thank you for your support.

— J.O'B (@chanceig) October 26, 2016

Seems that West Ham are still using the Olympic Stadium for field events such as the chair throw, longest throw 50p, longest throw £1 #CFC

— Andy H (@ChelsLad66) October 26, 2016

Ugly scenes at #WHUFC. Not for the first time… #WHUCHE pic.twitter.com/wqYfLfrptk

— 90sChelsea (@90schelsea) October 26, 2016

West Ham bulldozed their stadium, moved to a brand new one, and the one they bulldozed is still safer and in better condition.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) October 26, 2016

Despite his best efforts to go undetected, Boris Johnson got a bit lively at West Ham tonight. pic.twitter.com/FmdxbDHBqI

— Dan Gilbert (@DGDanielGilbert) October 26, 2016

@SkySportsNewsHQ is banning them from watching West Ham really a punishment though ??

— simon (@marmentos79) October 26, 2016

Putting it out there that West Ham have apologised for their fans' behaviour more times than sun'lun have won football matches this season 😂

— Chris (@Bettsy1Chris) October 26, 2016

West Ham having the Olympic stadium is the equivalent of Paul Gascoigne being given the keys to Buckingham Palace

— Bradley Puttock (@BradPuttock) October 26, 2016

"Is that West Ham?" pic.twitter.com/QglbbjCuZb

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) October 26, 2016

Kicking off between Westham/Chelsea pic.twitter.com/z4f8QFN3dQ

— Casual Saturdays (@CasualSaturdays) October 26, 2016

get on 'this is sparta' at west ham tonight. pic.twitter.com/7TFPixEG5i

— Glenn Kitson (@Glenn_Kitson) October 26, 2016

The I was bullied at West Ham Starter Pack. pic.twitter.com/z68evm0lCq

— ⚽️⚒ Tom's WHUFC ⚒⚽️ (@aldredtj) October 26, 2016

West Ham have the best hooligans. pic.twitter.com/ersn5MF6jT

— Dale (@DaleRobertsDR) October 26, 2016

@RobertBlaszczak West Ham can call it what they like. A lot of taxpayers call it 'theft'.

— Dan Levene (@danlevene) October 27, 2016