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The best Guillermo Ochoa jokes as Mexico goalkeeper shines in goalless draw with Brazil

The best Guillermo Ochoa jokes after this Mexico goalkeeper was Man of the Match against Brazil
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The best Guillermo Ochoa jokes after the Mexico goalkeeper kept a clean sheet against Brazil in the hosts’ second World Cup clash.


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The former AC Ajaccio shot-stopper, released from the club this summer, was in fine form against the Brazilians and played a key role in the 0-0 Group A draw.

After pulling off several stupendous saves and receiving the Man of the Match award for his performance, check out our favourite Guillermo Ochoa jokes:

Ochoa be like #BRAvsMEX pic.twitter.com/oKmeKTUUD0

— Feim | Shakira (@FeimM) June 17, 2014

Memo Ochoa ?? #BRAvsMEX #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/Dson1azIGJ

— ?S???? (@TheRawestMike) June 17, 2014

Who's got Ochoa for Man Of The Match so far? #BRAvsMEX pic.twitter.com/n5G2OfCrxR

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) June 17, 2014

BREAKING: Live pictures of Mexican keeper Guillermo Ochoa. pic.twitter.com/P44O7OVTdC

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) June 17, 2014

If Ochoa guarded the gates of heaven no one would ever get in. #BrazilvsMexico

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) June 17, 2014

.@yosoy8a right now. #MEX pic.twitter.com/EIAC4ApxYE

— SOCCER.COM (@soccerdotcom) June 17, 2014

The Mexican goalie #BrazilvsMexico pic.twitter.com/FHYsRl7qEm

— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) June 17, 2014

No, No No, Not today. #Ochoa #BrazilvsMexico pic.twitter.com/yUlcIp2mIC

— Basketball Forever (@Bballforeverfb) June 17, 2014

#BRAvsMEX pic.twitter.com/xuu8OOHRT1

— Manuel Torres Redder (@manuelaso) June 17, 2014

After performing 3 miracles Guillermo Ochoa canonization process has started in Vatican! #BRAvsMEX

— Abduzeedo (@abduzeedo) June 17, 2014

Ochoa be like…….. #BRAvsMEX #WorldCup2014 #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/53An7xnbGB

— FIFAWorldCup (@ThaWorldCup) June 17, 2014

So Guillermo Ochoa's Wikipedia page has already been updated… pic.twitter.com/IL2SWJYOco

— Shawn Francis (@TheOffsideRules) June 17, 2014

They should seriously make Memo Ochoa brand condoms ???????????? #BrazilvsMexico

— Disordered Mind (@ThePainInside_) June 17, 2014

How Ajaccio must be feeling right now after letting Guillermo Ochoa leave. #MEX pic.twitter.com/ZZrGYKQjCl

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) June 17, 2014

Memo Ochoa = Memo-Wall #MEX #WorldCup2014 #Mundial2014 @miseleccionmx pic.twitter.com/4lT230qQLG

— Andreas le Noir (@andreaslenoir) June 17, 2014

This was literally my family and I every time Ochoa stopped the ball! #BRAvsMEX pic.twitter.com/r3kqef7fkO

— Thank You Ochoa!! ? (@1Dbuttcheek) June 17, 2014

An icon of the Mexican goalie will soon replace the previous block button in Twitter. #BRAvsMEX #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/KBgC0TF2wL

— Nader | ???? (@BonsaiSky) June 17, 2014

Do you have protection? #WorldCup2014 #Ochoa #MEX @yosoy8a pic.twitter.com/iJayVynxWo

— Soccer Problems (@SoccerFouls) June 17, 2014

I bet Guillermo Ochoa could stop global warming.

— Albert King (@ShuggaCOV) June 17, 2014

Fantastique! #Ochoa #CM2014 #WorldCup2014 #BRAvsMEX pic.twitter.com/Q7GzVjZRJw

— Merwan RIM (@MerwanRim) June 17, 2014

“You shall not pass!” #BRAvsMEX #WorldCup2014 #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/BLZWvx9AND

— Because I'm Mexican (@Mexican365) June 17, 2014