The best Ched Evans not guilty jokes after retrial verdict

We've sorted through some of the more disturbing tweets so you don't have to!

By Thomas Joseph

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There were all kinds of Ched Evans not guilty jokes after news of the retrial verdict filtered through
The choices before the jury

After trawling through a quagmire of some of your more disturbing tweets, these were the best Ched Evans not guilty jokes we could find after the player was acquitted of rape following a retrial at Cardiff Crown Court.

In 2012 he was found guilty of attacking a 19-year-old woman at a Premier Inn in north Wales but this conviction was quashed in April.

A two-week retrial ended on Friday after Evans was cleared by a jury who took less than three hours to reach their decision.

After wading through a lot of opinionated comment on both sides, with a fair bit of rudeness and puerility (you have been warned), here are the best of the Ched Evans not guilty jokes:

Hope Sheffield United rename Jess Ennis' stand after Ched Evans now

— Y2J (@Ozil_Ultra) October 14, 2016

Every football stadium in U.K. should applaud on 9th minute to show support for Ched Evans. 9 is his number. Solidarity. AF

— AZAK FEVER 🇬🇧🇬🇧 (@AzakFeverAFC) October 14, 2016

BREAKING NEWS- Celtic drop interest in Ched Evans
Celtic source says "He's not the man we thought he was"

— ONE OF THE PEOPLE (@laffertysean71) October 14, 2016

Amazing how many Ched Evans fans got a law degree in their cornflakes this morning

— Mark Robinson (@robboma3) October 14, 2016


— Justice4ChedEvans (@TylerWHU_) October 14, 2016

Don't really think Ched Evans cares if Unicornsprinkle101 or StrawberryShortcake1989 think he's guilty.

— ㅤ (@UnitedPauI) October 14, 2016

OPINION: Delighted to see Ched Evans' name finally cleared. This shows what utter scumbags women are & it is why I'm only interested in men.

— Simon Rowntree (@SRowntreeNews) October 14, 2016

Fair enough Ched Evans has been cleared of rape but ye still wouldny invite the cunt tae yer wee sisters 18th

— Goudie (@Goudie15) October 14, 2016

Ched Evans wife stood by him through rape charges but some of you girls want to break up because your man didn't notice your new nails

— Kev-Prince Kombi (@Kevin_Kombi) October 14, 2016

I honestly thought Ched Evans was the name of a Shed Seven tribute act. Keith

— Keith Mallender (@KeithMallender) October 14, 2016

Ched Evans should tweet a cartoon of Mohammed at Hillsborough.

The internet would actually break.

— Old Holborn ✘ (@Holbornlolz) October 14, 2016

Since Ched Evans has already served time for it, in my opinion he should be allowed 1 rape free of charge

— GRude (@GiveIt2Giroud) October 14, 2016

Wales would've won the Euro's if they had Ched Evans up top

— Olly (@Giroudesquee) October 14, 2016

Folk calling for @J_Ennis to apologise to Ched Evans can jog on. She's a national hero he, at the very best, took advantage of a drunk girl.

— British Subcultures (@BritishSubcult) October 14, 2016

"I'll just dip in to the comments on this Ched Evans piece, how bad can it b-"

*brainstem severs itself*

— Rich Cooper (@richcooper) October 14, 2016